2020 One Word

Have you picked a 2020 one word? Many of you know I choose a word for the year. In the past, I’ve focused on Investing, Shining, Restoring, and Wondering.

So, what’s my 2020 one word, you ask?

This year’s word is IMPACT.

But it is more than a word. It is an acronym, a battle cry, a manifesto. And I pray you’ll join me as we set our sights to intentionally impact the world for Christ in 2020.

God makes our Identity


              by the Power

                         Available to us

          through Christ’s



I know. I know there is only one T in IMPACT. But the Truth about Christ is so important a concept we cannot leave it out. In fact only when we believe the Truth about Him, are we truly Transformed. 

When I first started serving in women’s ministry, a mentor suggested we read Becoming a Woman of Influence. I bought the book but hesitated to read it because I knew I was already a woman of influence. We all are. Whether we know it or know. Whether we are intentional about it or not. It doesn’t matter if we know or even care what the outcome of our influence is. WE all have an influence on those we come into contact with day-to-day. We are all influencing somebody or many somebodies.

But what IMPACT is our influence creating?

The biggest difference in the definitions of influence and impact is the force. Influence can almost be a passive occurrence. We can influence others without really meaning to. Whereas IMPACT is forcible. Powerful. Intentional. Determined. When we seek to create an IMPACT, we do so with an end goal in mind. We have a purpose for our actions and our words.

Here are some of the questions we will explore together this year.

What is the Truth about Christ?

How does His Truth Transform us?

What Power does Christ make available to us here on earth?

Who is Christ and what is the Truth about Him?

What does it mean to be God’s Masterpiece? 

How does God make His Power Available to us?

What does it mean to both be and be becoming God’s Masterpiece?

What does it mean when we say we find our Identity in Christ?

How does finding our Identity in Christ IMPACT the way we live our lives?

How do we IMPACT those around us with the Truth about Christ?

Why bother making an IMPACT?

How do we keep the focus of our IMPACT Christ and not ourselves?

When we set out to make an IMPACT, we can make a difference. 

Do you have a word or a focus for 2020? Do you have an IMPACT story you’d like to share here? I’d love to hear it! Leave me a comment or shoot me an e-mail. 

2020 one word

14 thoughts on “2020 One Word

  1. Great word! Love the acronym defined! Looking forward to the IMPACT you will make on my life through exploring those questions this year. 🙂 My word is Devote. Not sure what it will look like, how it will play out, so I am holding rather loosely, waiting for God to draw me to where he wants me. Prayers?

    1. I think that sounds beautiful, Kim! God is so devoted to us! <3 So good to hold it all loosely and be sensitive to what God is doing! Blessings!

    1. Those are big heavy words but I also believe we see God’s blessings on the other side of them! Praying He works beautiful things into your year, Amanda!

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