A Prayer for the 20-21 School Year

Nothing seems as it should for the start of this school year. Lately, when things are in upheaval, I’ve been trying to remember to pray instead of protest. Will you pray with me for the 20-21 School Year? Let us never underestimate the powerful IMPACT of prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I am weary and feeble. My emotions are running in overdrive and tears threaten to leak from my eyes with one one more parent alert, broken link, upended schedule, or disappointment. 

My heart aches…

For the children who are still learning a new normal, missing their friends, missing out on reuniting in person with their classmates and teachers, being forced to navigate new systems and policies, coping with big emotions they don’t understand and can’t verbalize. For the kids who need to go to a physical school building to escape difficult or dangerous situations at home or to simply be fed. For the ones who will fall behind.

For the parents juggling their schedules to accommodate remote learning and being stretched to their limits with technology.

For the school administrators, policy makers, government authorities at all levels forced to make decisions they know will have far reaching implications for so many who will voice strong opinions on every side of the issue.

For the teachers who are learning as they go but stretched too thin by the new and never-ending demands the current situation has placed on them. For their families who struggle alongside them.

For school staff navigating new uncertainties and wargaming multiple courses of action simultaneously to be prepared to maintain a safe environment no matter the scenario.  

But You, God… 

You are Creator, Sustainer, Healer, Protector, and Provider. You are all knowing, all powerful, and present with us in all things. You always have been from before time began, are now, and will be forevermore throughout eternity. What we face today is no surprise to You. It is not beyond Your ability to control or work out according to Your will. No color coded chart, phased entry plan, social distancing scheme, remote learning platform, or man-made mandate can stop Your plans. 

And it is in our weakness that Your strength shines through, Lord. 

You are love, and You have called me to love You with my whole heart and mind and to love my neighbors. By Your Holy Spirit, inspire me to love all those with whom I cross paths today, even the ones I disagree with or who have hurt me. 

My joy comes from knowing my salvation is secure because of Jesus’ sacrifice and that nothing here on earth can take that away from me. By Your Holy Spirit, help me live today in such a way that Your joy radiates from me. 

You never promised us a trouble-free existence this side of heaven, but you did promise to give us Your peace when we face trials and tribulations of many kinds. By Your Holy Spirit, help me to keep my focus on You so that I can remain at peace even though storms rage all around me. 

Sometimes I forget how patient You are with me and all of us miserable sinners, not wanting any of us to perish but instead using every situation to bring us to faith and repentance. By Your Holy Spirit, help me to have Your patience in every difficult situation that doesn’t pan out as quickly as I’d hoped or planned. 

You have shown Your kindness to mankind throughout all time. By Your Holy Spirit, help me to show the world a glimpse of your kindness by being friendly, generous, and considerate of others in all my actions today no matter how they treat me. 

You alone, O Lord, are good. And the only good in me is God in me. By the power of Your Holy Spirit living in me, you are making me more and more like your Son Jesus, who was obedient even to the point of suffering death to save the world. Help me to speak, act, think, and do those things which show the goodness of Your character.

Thank You, Lord, for the gift of faith that saves me for eternal life in Your kingdom. When my trust in who You are or what You have done falters, or when my fears flare help me in my unbelief. By Your Holy Spirit, help me to make decisions and act in accordance with Your Truth and a spirit of faithfulness instead of fearfulness.

Your Son, Jesus, showed me what it means to be gentle in the face of controversy and opposition. By Your Holy Spirit, help me to follow His example. Your Word says a gentle answer turns away wrath and our world has more outrage and indignation than it needs now. 

Lord, You know my weaknesses, desires, and propensities for sin. By Your Holy Spirit help me to deny my flesh that only ever leads me astray and instead follow the stirring of Your Spirit so that my self might be brought under Your loving control for the benefit of myself and those around me.

Bring forth the fruit of Your Spirit in my life, Lord.

Thank you, Lord, for never leaving me alone in the valleys or the mountaintops and that I don’t have to manufacture any of these characteristics by own strength or power. When the enemy threatens to steal, kill, and destroy what is Yours, help me to remember You have already defeated hell, death, and the devil to give me abundant life. Let me never forget that even when nothing seems to be as it should, You are. Remind me to turn to You for help, comfort, and wisdom in every situation, decision, and hurt and to trust that You will provide all I need to do Your will. And may all that I do be done for Your glory!

It is in the mighty, powerful, and victorious name of Jesus that I pray. Amen.

A Prayer for the 20-21 School Year

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