About My Messy Desk

I have always had a messy desk. In the Army, our home office desk, and now my crafting space – my desk has been notoriously messy. Once, my Soldiers decided to do something extra-nice for me and clean my desk – it took me three days before I could make a decision sitting there. At least one study has determined that messy desks are in fact jumping off points for creative inspirations. Albert Einstein said, “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

Quite often I simply don’t have time to clean up from one blessed inspiration before the need to create something new takes over. I am not a particularly patient person, so the painstaking effort to sort and file supplies or papers is not something at which I excel. Why take that time to put everything away when I cannot predict what inspiration will hit me next? Who can determine at what moment I will need that exact punch or shade of pink ink again?

Anyone who has ever attempted a craft project knows that there is going to be a mess. And I’m talking about with adults…if kids are involved, forget about it. Let’s face it, who has the time or energy to clean up the kitchen table after a particularly hearty bout of creative inspiration?

That is where the idea sprung up for my current hobby… I have been hosting “craft days” with some of my friends here in Colorado Springs. I prepare projects for them ahead of time and they get to create beautiful things, and the leave the mess behind. Since I am blessed with a half a basement that is currently dedicated to my obsession, the mess is not something that bothers me.

I am being brought so much joy and satisfaction in seeing their completed projects with personalized touches, not to mention subsidizing my hobby (a.k.a. addiction), that a little tidying doesn’t daunt me. And a little is about all I do. We are simply going to make a new mess next time, so I’m not overly concerned with cleaning every spot. In fact, I think if I was so worried with neatness in my craft space, I would be hindered in actually creating, just as I believe that if I censored every thought in my head, it would stifle the thinking process.

I confess that I am a little sad that the day is coming when I will be forced to sort and clear the flat surfaces of my craft area. Being married to a Soldier forces you to either organize every couple of years or face the wrath of the packers at moving time. And let me tell you, those are 4 people you do not want to cross, because they can make your life a living nightmare when you get where you are going. But I am sure it won’t take long to make a mess wherever the Army sees fit to send us next.
Is your desk messy or neat? Where do you find your creative inspiration? Is there somewhere in your life that you could use a little spring cleaning? What things could you let slide in order to fully enjoy other blessings?

This blog may be messy and completely random at times, but I am doing it in the hopes of expanding a community. Perhaps the most profound part of inviting my friends into My Messy Desk is the time spent with them, learning about their hopes, dreams, and ideas. Isn’t that what life is all about? I hope you will join me from near and far on this journey to expand horizons and share passions.

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