At The End of Another Year

Here we are at the end of another year. Can you believe it? 2019 is nearly in the rearview mirror and 2020 is coming into sight. See what I did there? Oh, that coming into a new year would be all it took to bless us with clearer vision. I can’t help but wonder how many will choose VISION as their word for 2020. But I can say, it isn’t mine. You’ll have to come on back in January to see where I’ll be focusing next year!

The turning of the calendar always causes me to reflect on the months most recently passed and look to the ones to come with excitement and anticipation. I long to do both with intention. What has passed holds lessons crucial to tomorrow’s challenges and what is to come must be overshadowed by the hope I have in eternity.

What a WONDERful Year 2019 Has Been

God really knocked my socks off this year. He:

     *forged and deepened precious friendships here in West Virginia while sustaining others around the globe. 

     *opened the doors to give My Messy Desk a brick and mortar existence at The Grove: A Creative Place to Grow in Grace.

     *smoothed my transition from work-from-home-mom for 13 years to working outside the home. 

     *helped me complete a book six years in the making; though not perfect, More Than A Name helps people discover their identity by studying who Jesus is. 

     *continued to use Marriage Maintenance to impact military marriages around the world. He has been making monetary provision through my editing services. 

     *been multiplying my minutes and making a way for me to do more than I imagined possible. 

     *saw me through a flare-up of arthritis in my knee.

     *inspired and sustained me to not only meet but exceed my work out goals for the year in an attempt to care for this body He gave me.

     *gathered my whole side of the family together for an unforgettable beach week. (Thanks Mom!)

     *moved Matt’s retirement (aka transition from military to civilian employment) smoothly through the system.

I’d be thrilled to hear about what God has done for you in 2019 and honored to pray for what you’re looking to Him to accomplish in 2020.

2019 Top Ten

I’m sticking to the tradition around here and sharing our top 10 posts of the year. 

10. 4 Practical Ways to Practice God’s Presence

9. When Marriage Gets Messy: Unmet Expectations

8. 7 Ways to Smell Like a Christian

7. The Wonder of God’s Word

6. Can You Really Smell God?

5. A Marriage Overcomes Porn Addiction: The Wonder of What God has Done

4. When Dreams are Delayed

3. Rustic Hope: The Wonder of What God has Done

2. Laying Down the Dream

and the Number 1 post of 2019 was…. A Woman’s Worth: More Than What’s in the Mirror

A Prayer as We Welcome the New Year

Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You for what You have done in 2019 and for what You are going to do in 2020. Instead of a happy new year, Lord, I ask for You to fill me with your joy and peace and hope in 2020. Inspire me by Your Holy Spirit to do Your will and spread Your love to all those you bring into my life. Keep my eyes focused on You and the hope I have of spending eternity with You regardless of the messes I may see from day-to-day. Sustain and strengthen my mind, body, and spirit so that I may day-by-day become more like the masterpiece You created me to be. Remind me of Your love for me and Your forgiveness of sins so that I might live in the freedom Christ won for me. In His holy and precious Name, I pray. Amen.

Share your most significant accomplishment of 2019 in the comments so I can throw some confetti your way! Happy New Year!

6 thoughts on “At The End of Another Year

  1. I started taking care of my mental & emotional health. It took a lot of encouragement & support by I learned it was just as much of the equation as physical health.

  2. I made it to Kenya with my oldest son Isaac for an amazing missions experience with Young Life and Riverridge church!!

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