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More Than A Name: Discover Who You Are By Studying Who Jesus Is

Perfect devotional for Advent!

Available in Paperback and eBook on Amazon.

Have you longed for a deeper, more intimate relationship with Jesus? Have you ever wondered what it means to find your identity in Him?

You are not alone. The world is constantly trying to tell us who we are and it often bases our identity on what we do. But nothing could be further from the truth. In order to discover who you are, you need to know who Jesus is. If we say we have a relationship with Him, shouldn’t we know about His character, mission, and purpose? Shouldn’t we let the truth of who He is define our relationship with Him? Jesus is more than a name. In fact, the Bible uses many names for Jesus because any one name alone is insufficient for describing who He is. In this 31-day devotional, you will:

     *Gain a deeper understanding of Jesus by studying His names in historical and cultural context

     *Learn more about who you are in Him

     *Take steps to live in accordance with your true identity

This book is for anyone who wants to gain a better understanding of the Master so they can live like the masterpiece He created them to be.

Any order placed before December 1st will recieve a free copy of the Names of Jesus Advent Calendar Tutorial with Printables (a $7 value.) Just message me a pic of your reciept. Or get your copy on Etsy.

Marriage Maintenance: Tune Up After Time Apart for Him and for Her

Toward the end of my husband’s last deployment, I started looking for resources to help us reconnect. I was surprised to find how little is available. There were plenty of resources for getting ready for a deployment and lots for during. But it was as if everying assumed once the Soldier returned home, we didn’t need any help, that everyting was kittens and rainbows. Of course, I first assumed it was a problem only I was noticing, but then I started asking friends and they shared their own concerns about the transition. After much prayer and the encouragement of a wise friend and mentor, I wrote the resource I needed. And I’m seeing others need it, too!

You wouldn’t neglect the winterization maintenance for your vehicle, so don’t gloss over the maintenance your marriage needs, either!

Marriage Maintenance: Tune Up After Time Apart for Him and for Her. are companion Workbooks helping couples reconnect following a deployment. Mirrored questions help facilitate intentional discussion and goal setting on 11 key topics from a biblical perspective. Order both today on Amazon or Barnes & Noble!

When Marriage Gets Messy 

Does your marriage feel a little messy?When Marriage Gets Messy My Messy Desk Books

Can I let you in on a little secret? Marriage is H-A-R-D. For everybody. But too often we don’t share the challenges and pitfalls with each other. Christians seem to be particularly close-lipped about the messes our marriages face. And nobody but Satan benefits from keeping these secrets.

From the moment we say, “I Do,” the wedded bliss we anticipate in marriage faces setbacks and hardships we never expected. So, let’s shine a light on these messes and encourage each other to turn to God’s wisdom to overcome them.

What’s Inside?

When Marriage Gets Messy is an 11-week workbook for wives who want to overcome 10 common messes married couples make and transform their marriages into the masterpieces God created them to be. What you’ll find inside:When Marriage Gets Messy My Messy Desk Books

*Biblical Truth

*Daily Prayer

*Reflection Questions

*Practical Application

*Tools and Resources for Transformation

*Hope for Every Marriage… no matter how messy

This workbook can be used for individual study or in a small group setting. Newlyweds as well as seasoned wives will benefit from the strategies shared in this workbook.

What People Are Saying

“Great tool for Marriage at any stage. Great info to be reminded about even if one might feel they need no help at all. I’ve been married 37 year’s and still need positive Bible-based info. Really enjoyed this study and felt so encouraged each day. “

“Liz is a great encourager for marriage! She is not afraid to address any topic (even s-e-x!) and she has great tips to share. If you are needing prayer, she is there as well.”

“It was great to look at ways that things could go wrong, to be able to be proactive, and preventative. I haven’t been married long, so it gave me things to keep an eye out for. Great stuff!”

Kristine, who voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book says, “When Marriage Gets Messy is a combination of an inspiring read and a fun workbook for wives who want to grow stronger in their marriages. Each section contains a wealth of helpful tools, including prayers, daily verses, reflection questions, and more. The workbook is designed so that it is easy to work through at your own pace, taking each topic in order or moving straight to those you need the most. Great for individual study!”

Erica, who voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book says, “I just got my copy of When Marriage Gets Messy. I am so excited. She was blessed with a vision for women in marriages. We all go through the same kind of struggles, but isn’t it great to think about how we might be able to pray over our spouses or see our struggles through another’s Perspective? I cannot wait to dive in to this workbook and start taking a look at my crazy messy marriage, with hope and faith ♥️”

Order your copy at Amazon or Barnes & Noble today!


I am Not Alone: Finding Peace In God’s Presence

Based on the loneliness I’ve experienced during countless moves with the military, I contributed a significant portion of the content for this great book put together by my dear friend, Jana Kennedy-Spicer of Sweet to the Soul.

I Am Not Alone My Messy Desk Books

Let me ask you a question – have you ever felt alone? I ask if you have felt alone, because I know you’ve been alone at some point. And the interesting thing about feeling alone is that it doesn’t require actually being alone. Join us as we need God in His Word to learn the truth about loneliness and find peace in God’s presence. “I Am Not Alone” is a 60 page devotional style Bible study of 31 scriptures which help us to battle the feelings of loneliness by know the truths in God’s Word – that we are not alone and that God is always with us. In addition to the devotionals and study pages you can let your soul be inspired with color pages and journaling prompts. Additional resources like printable color pages, digital downloads and a Bible Journaling Kit are available at our ministry website,