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I typically attend a Lutheran church in a fairly well off area. We are a comfortable middle class family with two working cars. I don’t have to shop at a thrift store unless I want to. I don’t worry about how to pay the bills each month or what my kids are going to eat. Most of my friends are just like me.

I realize how blessed I am, but sometimes it can be hard to see God at work when I’m comfortable, safe and sound inside my bubble.

Last weekend I attended church with a friend in a town about four hours away. On Sunday morning we drove through some areas of town that compelled me to lock the car doors.

The service was not my usual liturgical style and worship was far from the typical hymns we generally sing. The ministry caters to recent parolees from prison. Many of the members live in church-owned trailers. Some are unemployed. Several have battled addiction to a variety of things nearly beyond my comprehension.

I was way outside my bubble.

But the presence of God was palpable.

God is at work

I left with a renewed hope, reminded that God is at work. He is always working in mighty ways – sometimes I have to get out of my comfort zone to see it, though.

I’m generally pretty content in my own little bubble. Chances are you are, too. But those bubbles can block our view of what God is doing. Of how He is working in the lives of those who don’t have the luxury of a safe bubble in which to dwell. If you haven’t recognized God’s hand at work recently, take a look around and see if you’ve trapped yourself inside a bubble of safety, similarity, health, or prosperity.

God’s most astonishing miracles often happen in places I’d rather not walk. In sickness and sin. In poverty and destruction. In loneliness and even in death.

Sometimes to see God work, we must burst our own bubbles. Click To Tweet


To see God work, we must burst our own bubbles.Sometimes to see God work, we must burst our own bubbles.

I’d love for you to share in the comments something you discovered when you left your own comfort zone or one practical way we can all burst our own bubbles to see more clearly what God is doing in the lives of His people.

Much love,




“Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to Him be the glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen.”

Ephesians 3:20-21

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*original bubble photo by Richard Heeks (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2311000/Photographer-Richard-Heeks-captures-incredible-images-world-reflected-bubble.html)

19 thoughts on “Burst My Bubble!

  1. Love this – and love how God shows up when we’re uncomfortable and out of our element. One of my favorite Sundays of the year has been the weekend we do a women’s conference in a small town a couple hours away. It’s a mission for us to serve the women of this community and we attend church there in a ‘church for the unchurched and those who don’t feel comfortable at other churches’. It’s a eclectic bunch of people with some storied pasts, but worship is so real and raw there and their hearts are so big.

    1. That sounds like an amazing time of fellowship with such a potential for spiritual growth for everybody! What a great program, Kathryn. It would be great to have a whole slew of idea we can each take back to our own congregations or lives for how to get outside our bubbles! Blessings!

    1. Debbie, When I saw Suzie’s prompt, I knew I couldn’t keep this story to myself! Praying you find time to write today! #livefree

  2. What an awesome experience : ) Oh boy…my bubble has been burst many times over…most recently by stepping out and starting work in an autistic support classroom! And what a precious gift that has been. Seeing the Lord work in many lives and learning more about His (wonderful) creation of kids who live very differently from most of us!

    Blessings! #Thought-Provoking Thursday

  3. Oh Liz, I just love this: “God’s most astonishing miracles often happen in places I’d rather not walk. ” So true. Yesterday I found this out at the Greyhound bus station, where I got to pray for and share the gospel with 3 sweet ladies who needed help and hope. (And the one from Nepal thanked me so much for the “good vibes.” Writing a blog post on it after I saw Suzie’s link, which was only today. But it’s for another site.

    Love your new look, by the way!

  4. So glad that you took the challenge to write about your experience! We all need to move outside our safe circles. May God give us grace to accept those who are different, but much-loved by Him.

  5. Oh, yes. I agree. Staying in our comfort zones can slowly kill us. We need to follow Christ no matter where he leads us. Praying he will embolden us for his service. Thanks, neighbor. Abundant blessings!

    1. It will, Mari-Anna. We’ll just become more and more numb to other’s plights and I think God wants more from His people! Blessings to you!

  6. I love this line: “take a look around and see if you’ve trapped yourself inside a bubble of safety, similarity, health, or prosperity.” It’s so easy to do in our culture and so important to “undo” in our lives. We need to do this in a Spirit-led fashion so that we are not operating in “to do” Martha mode, but being “led by the bowels of God’s compassion” in Mary mode. If you’re recognizing this in yourself, it is a revelation from God’s Spirit and an indication of His transforming work in you. Draw near to Him. Spend time listening to Him. Cultivate your relationship with Him. If we draw near to Him, He ‘s promised to draw near to us. Have a joy-filled day!

    1. Those are great tips, Lindy! Thanks for sharing! I’m definitely a MASTERPIECE in progress and making plenty of MESSES along the way! Blessings.

  7. So true, Liz. My husband and I are in charge of a residential center for men, most with substance abuse addiction. This is definitely out of our comfort zone but is where I most often see grace and God’s restoration clearly demonstrated. I am thankful for having a front row seat and that God breaks through the ugly with his glory. Good post, “neighbor”.

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