Can You Hear It?

Morning prayer times on my screened-in porch in Louisiana are some of my favorite memories.

It was easily my favorite room in our home here. Since the love bugs that littered it last summer when I wrote about My Messy Friends haven’t yet returned and most of the thick yellow pollen that coated it in April has been wiped away, it is once again a peaceful place. I sit facing a grassy hill that leads up to the forest, and often, I can smell the sweet scent of a nearby blooming bush. The birdsong I hear there is music to my ears.

I remember thinking a few months ago that there was a time perhaps around 8:30 or so in the morning that the birds must all fly away to sing elsewhere. It usually coincided with the start of the work day… when the roar of cars could be heard on the road out front, construction work began on the new housing in the neighborhood, dogs that were let out for the morning began barking at passing people or squirrels, kids were playing at the park, or my own children began vying for my attention.

On Saturday when the awakening of the neighborhood happened at a slower pace, I realized the birds didn’t go anywhere, I just couldn’t hear them anymore.  They were still there singing, but the sounds of life had drowned out their song.

God’s voice is often like that of the birds that serenade me on my porch.

Elijah learned this when he sought refuge in a cave from the people of Israel who wanted to kill him because they didn’t like the message God called him to carry. God’s voice was not in the strong wind, or the earthquake, or the fire that passed by the cave, but came in “a still, small voice.” 1 Kings 19:12. Too often we look for the voice of God to come to us in mighty sign that drowns out all other noises, like the silly woodpecker who insists on trying to pluck bugs from my metal gutters. Sometimes that is the case, but more often, His instruction comes at an almost imperceptible decibel.  We have a responsibility to get to a place where we can hear Him whispering to us because He is always there waiting for us to seek Him

Too often, our attention is drawn away by the demands we face in our lives. Some of these distractions are good and necessary:  a conversation with my husband, my children’s laughter, tending to the needs of my family, fellowship with friends, even volunteering in the community, at church or in school. Unfortunately, general busyness, secular noise, and our own rampant thoughts are just as responsible for dampening the voice of God in our ears. Satan has so many tools at his disposal in our age of activity and technology to keep us from hearing what God has to say.

Power down, chill out and tune in to what God has to say to you right now.

So, power down, chill out and tune in to what God has to say to you right now.

So, power down, chill out and tune in to what God has to say to you right now. @LizGiertz Click To Tweet

Take an inventory of the things in your life that keep you from hearing that small, quiet voice and the see how many of them you can silence. Find a time and a place where nothing stands between you and God and make a commitment to go there daily, just to listen. Then, “today, if you will hear His voice:

‘Do not harden your hearts….’” 

Psalm 95:7-8.

3 thoughts on “Can You Hear It?

  1. Just love the photo of that beautiful, peaceful place….and the peace that your message conveys!….xo

  2. Liz, your Musings are so mature Spiritually! So often they correlate to something on my mind about God, even if I read them weeks after they arrive in my email box.

    Thank you for your ministry and for opening your heart, soul, and mind to glorifying Our Creator, Lord, and Comforter! Susan, Holly’s roommate from nursing school

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