Spiritually Noseblind

7 Strategies to Keep from Going Spiritually Noseblind

A popular home fragrance company is famous for their slogan – Don’t Go Noseblind. But did you know this is an actual scientific phenomenon? And I think we can become spiritually noseblind, too. ********* Desensitized to Smell When a Jonah Moment (that’s what I affectionately call times God uses Military Orders to get me places […]

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7 Ways to Smell Like a Christian

Last week we talked about the victorious aroma of Christ. This week, we’re looking at how to smell like a Christian. ********* When one of the grandmothers comes to visit we usually evict one of the boys from their bed and make them sleep in the loft. Confession. Sometimes after they leave I don’t wash […]

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The Victorious Aroma

The Victorious Aroma of Christ

The key verse, 2 Corinthians 2:14, in today’s post on being a victorious aroma is the one that inspired this whole series on experiencing God through the 5 senses He gave us. ********* Our sense of smell is a powerful force. It can evoke emotion, produce attraction, recall memories, warn of dangers, even generate joy. […]

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Can You Really Smell God

Can You Really Smell God?

Can You Smell God? God gave us our sense of smell, but can you actually smell God? He designed us to use it to interpret the world around us, communicate without words, recall memories, and experience Him on a deeper level. God filled His creation with scents, both pleasant and putrid. Our sense of smell […]

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Feel God

When You Can’t Feel God

Our sense of touch is vital for survival. God equipped our bodies to transmit and receive communication from the world around us through touch. He wired us to experience His creation through the sense of touch. So, how can we know He is real when we can’t feel God? Today (and for the next few […]

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See God

When You Can’t See God

“If you can’t see God, how do you know He’s real?” Has anyone ever asked you that question? Have you ever wondered it yourself? After all, seeing is believing. Or so the saying goes.  (I wrote about that here a couple of Christmases ago) And seeing is precisely what Thomas wanted the week after Jesus’ […]

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