Create a Craving for Christ

Our discussion last week about the discipline required to nourish our spirits got me thinking about how we create a craving for Christ. ********* Crave This, Eat That I don’t know about you, but sometimes the urge for a piece of chocolate is so overwhelming I have to snatch my keys and purse and head […]

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Spiritual Nourishment is Not a Matter of Taste

I enjoyed our discussion about what it takes to be a Salty Christian last week, but I’m excited to share what God has been showing me this week about how my spiritual nourishment is not a matter of personal taste. Taste Begins in the Womb When I was pregnant with our oldest son, I ate […]

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Salty Christians

What Does it Mean to be Salty Christians?

After last week’s discussion about the 5 different kinds of tastes our mouths are capable of distinguishing, I wanted to dive a little deeper into one of those distinctive flavors and talk about what it means to be Salty Christians. ********* I’ve been fascinated by salt ever since our weekly meal delivery system included an […]

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Tasting God

Tasting God and Seeing Goodness

You may have noticed it’s been a while since I last posted anything other than Word Nerd Wednesday pieces around here, but I’m back after my summer sabbatical and excited to dive into the idea of tasting God as a means of experiencing Him through the senses He gave us. In His infinite wisdom and […]

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Spiritually Noseblind

7 Strategies to Keep from Going Spiritually Noseblind

A popular home fragrance company is famous for their slogan – Don’t Go Noseblind. But did you know this is an actual scientific phenomenon? And I think we can become spiritually noseblind, too. ********* Desensitized to Smell When a Jonah Moment (that’s what I affectionately call times God uses Military Orders to get me places […]

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7 Ways to Smell Like a Christian

Last week we talked about the victorious aroma of Christ. This week, we’re looking at how to smell like a Christian. ********* When one of the grandmothers comes to visit we usually evict one of the boys from their bed and make them sleep in the loft. Confession. Sometimes after they leave I don’t wash […]

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