What Does Communion Mean to Christians?

No discussion about experiencing God through our sense of taste would be complete without talk of what communion means to Christians. But God knows this is a tough nugget for me. One of those hard truths I’ll likely chew on until the day I die. When Communion Brings Division to Christians Perhaps because people I […]

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Create a Craving for Christ

Our discussion last week about the discipline required to nourish our spirits got me thinking about how we create a craving for Christ. ********* Crave This, Eat That I don’t know about you, but sometimes the urge for a piece of chocolate is so overwhelming I have to snatch my keys and purse and head […]

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Spiritual Nourishment is Not a Matter of Taste

I enjoyed our discussion about what it takes to be a Salty Christian last week, but I’m excited to share what God has been showing me this week about how my spiritual nourishment is not a matter of personal taste. Taste Begins in the Womb When I was pregnant with our oldest son, I ate […]

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Salty Christians

What Does it Mean to be Salty Christians?

After last week’s discussion about the 5 different kinds of tastes our mouths are capable of distinguishing, I wanted to dive a little deeper into one of those distinctive flavors and talk about what it means to be Salty Christians. ********* I’ve been fascinated by salt ever since our weekly meal delivery system included an […]

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Tasting God

Tasting God and Seeing Goodness

You may have noticed it’s been a while since I last posted anything other than Word Nerd Wednesday pieces around here, but I’m back after my summer sabbatical and excited to dive into the idea of tasting God as a means of experiencing Him through the senses He gave us. In His infinite wisdom and […]

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Spiritually Noseblind

7 Strategies to Keep from Going Spiritually Noseblind

A popular home fragrance company is famous for their slogan – Don’t Go Noseblind. But did you know this is an actual scientific phenomenon? And I think we can become spiritually noseblind, too. ********* Desensitized to Smell When a Jonah Moment (that’s what I affectionately call times God uses Military Orders to get me places […]

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