Farewell 2018

WOW! What a year 2018 has been! I flipped through the photos on my phone a couple weeks ago looking for some for a project (please don’t lecture me about how I ought to get those off my phone and on the cloud or wherever it is I’m supposed to be storing our family history […]

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Sausage and Egg Bake Christmas Breakfast Recipe

Home Made Memories – Christmas Breakfast Recipe

If you’re looking for a great Christmas breakfast recipe, this one has been a holiday favorite in my family as long as I can remember. It is great for making ahead and baking the day of to simplify morning gatherings. Once you pop it in the oven you can sit back and relax, enjoying family […]

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Devil's Food Cake with Caramel Icing

Home Made Memories Devil’s Food Cake with Caramel Icing

My birthday was last weekend and my boys (all three of them) blessed me with something very special. Last week we heard about Sue’s Daddy’s favorite cake, this week I’m sharing with you my daddy’s favorite cake. Which just happens to be my favorite cake, too. And the only cake my older son will eat. […]

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Home Made Memories Sue Donaldson Lemon Velvet Cake

Home Made Memories Lemon Velvet Cake with Sue Donaldson

For this week’s Home Made Memories, I’ve invited my friend Sue Donaldson to share her Dad’s favorite Lemon Velvet Cake recipe! My mouth is watering just thinking about it! ********* Your Daddy’s Favorite Cake by Sue Donaldson I like to call this cake: “Baptist Cake” – otherwise known as “Lemon Velvet Cake.” It’s Baptist by […]

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Home Made Memories J.E. Berry

Home Made Memories – 7 Up Cake with J.E. Berry

One of the themes that kept coming to me throughout this year, both in our Word Nerd Wednesday series on the Feasts of the Bible and as we explored experiencing God through the sense of taste He gave us, has been the idea of gathering people together around food, making memories over meals. So, for […]

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Farewell 2017

Well, here we are at the end of another year and as we farewell 2017, I want to extend my gratitude to each of you who meet me here week after week at My Messy Desk, both virtually and in real life! I have learned so much researching, praying, and writing on the topics we […]

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