When You Encounter the Unexpected

I encountered the unexpected last weekend and learned a big lesson! I Encountered the Unexpected in a Blow Dryer… Between my cousin’s baby shower and my visit with the ladies of the Stafford, VA Military Wives Connect group, I spent two nights at my aunt’s house. The second morning I decided to use her blow […]

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The Wonder of God’s Love

I don’t know what it is about God’s love that makes it so hard for us to accept. But I do know there was a time I couldn’t even imagine how He could possibly love me.  Undeserving of God’s Love As a child I learned God loves those who keep His commandments. Which sounds biblical. […]

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Troubled Thoughts Drown Out Truth

When Our Troubled Thoughts Tune Out Truth

Last week we talked about some innovative ways we can hear God’s Word and hide it in our hearts, but you and I both know how easy it is for our own troubled thoughts to tune out the truth. ********* When Troubled Thoughts Tune Out Truth One rainy, winter day, I queued up my favorite […]

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Spiritually Satisfied

Go From Spiritually Starved to Spiritually Satisfied

In considering how our sense of taste can be used to experience God I couldn’t help but think about how hunger influences my health and how choosing what’s filling over what’s fueling can lead me into starvation instead of being spiritually satisfied. ********* Filling or Fueling? I did it again. I forgot to eat lunch  I […]

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Facing Your Worst Case Scenario

Facing My Worst Case Scenario My friend Crystal Twaddell invited me to share about braving my worst case scenario as part of her Made For Brave Sisterhood series this summer. Don’t miss her manifesto! You can read the full post here… –> How To Brave Your Worst Case Scenario. I talk about some strategies I’ve […]

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Do They Smell Fear or Faith on You?

Alright, I think this is the last post on using our sense of smell to experience God, but I’ve been wrong before. When we check our scent, it is important consider if others smell fear or faith on us, because how we smell may be contagious. ********* Can You Smell Fear? For the last couple […]

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