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For this week’s Word Nerd Wednesday, Kathie shares with us about the privelege we have to call Jesus our Counselor.

Counselor (Yo’es): a Hebrew noun meaning one who counsels. In verb and participle forms, it means to advise, counsel or consult, especially concerning military and political leaders who counsel kings. 

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

Isaiah 9:6 (NIV)

Counselor in the Bible

The word counselor had significance in biblical times because kings and local leaders were surrounded by advisors, serving the king with their wisdom and expertise. Wise counselors were a blessing, and bad ones often brought demise. 

In Isaiah 3:3, God told Jerusalem and Judah he would take away all their support, including counselors, as punishment for their sin. Later the prophet Isaiah also mentions the uselessness of false idols, in part because they cannot counsel. 

And in the New Testament, the Pharisees are doomed because they refuse Jesus’ counsel in Luke 7:30.

The value of good counselors was obvious then, and now the wise still seek some form of counsel today.

Choose Your Counselor Wisely

It might look more like a committee at work or discussion with other moms at playdates, but we seek counsel when we’re trying to make a decision. We normally choose people we already have a relationship with, just as God desires a relationship with us, in part to be a counselor for us. We want to choose who we surround ourselves with wisely, and the Bible is full of unwise counselors to prove the risk. Just remember poor Job in his darkest hours, surrounded by unwise counselors. 

The verse in Isaiah is a prophecy of who the Messiah will be to his people, and unbeknownst to them, the world. He will be a wonderful counselor, wise and good at planning, a man of sound advice. And when Jesus shows up on the scene, he did not disappoint! He had nothing but counsel and advice for those around him if they had ears to hear.

The Wonderful Counselor

And since God never changes, we know that this is still true today. He yearns to be our counselor, the one we turn to in times of decision. I have reached out to Him in small and big ways in my walk with the Lord:

  *The time I prayed for two years for a direction in my life and He answered me.

  *The time I planned to quit college so I could get married, and He said “no.”

  *The time I prayed for God’s guidance regarding my children’s behavior, and He led me in coaching them while sitting in a minivan outside the auto repair shop.

  *The time I prayed over my broken marriage and God told me to stay.

He has counseled me with a wisdom of profound simplicity and power. And though I still struggle to remember to reach out to him for counsel, I have a pile of memorial stones of His good advice in my life. I can trust in His guidance because he is a Wonderful Counselor.

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Meet Kathie

Counselor Word Nerd Wednesday Counselor
Kathie Harris
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Kathie Harris is an awarding-winning writer who’s spent her entire life as an Army dependent and loves raising her four kids in the lifestyle. She founded in the hopes of educating families considering adoption as well as starting discussions on racial reconciliation. 

Kathie offers freelance content marketing services and is currently working on her first historical fiction novel. When she’s not drinking coffee and wrangling kids, she’s sneaking in a few minutes with a good book!

Catch up with her on Facebook at www.facebook/kbhwrites.

Counselor Word Nerd Wednesday

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