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Chat and Craft sessions are unique experiences pairing life skills lessons and a craft to help you remember and apply what you learned when you head home.

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More Than What's In The Mirror Chat & CraftMore than What’s In the Mirror on May 2nd, 2019

Do you question your value?

At one time or another, most women struggle with what they see in the mirror or the way other people view them. Come learn the truth about how God sees you and the value He places on your life so you can start living like the treasure you are!

Create and personalize the only mirror that will never lie to you!More Thank What's In The Mirror Chat & Craft

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Morning Session 9:30-11:30 am

Evening Session 6-8 pm

The fine print:

*Minimum of 10 required for the event.
*No refunds unless cancellation for weather or minimum attendees not reached.
*Those who do not pre-register won’t be guaranteed supplies for the craft.

April 2019 Event:  From Worrier to Warrior

From Worrier to WarriorDid you know that anxiety, fear, and worry are the #1 concerns reported and diagnosed in the US related to emotional wellness?

Does fear hold you back? Does worry steal your joy? Does anxiety have you in knots before anything even happens?

What if God can use it all to transform you from a Worry Wort to a Warrior Princess? Come connect with your tribe and be transformed. There is power in knowledge, community, and the Word of God!

Create a beautiful faux stained glass butterfly to display as a constant reminder of the transformation from worrier to warrior God makes possible in your life.

Correcting the Behavior Behind the Heart

In this workshop, we will focus on correcting the behavior behind the heart because wrong behavior and wrong thinking must be addressed even when it isn’t easy!

*Do you ever feel like a broken record?
*Are you qualified for a part-time job as a referee?
*Have you pondered the question, “To spank or not to spank?”
*Does grounding really work and how long is long enough?
*Does it feel like you are part Drill Sargent, part Pushover?

We will tackle these very common concerns and take a look at how our Heavenly Father addresses OUR wrong thinking and behavior so we can follow His example with the children under our influence.

Gain new insights, fresh perspective and practical tools to help you in correcting the behavior behind the heart of a child.

Create a toolbox full of biblical principles for addressing your least favorite behaviors.

Guiding a Child’s HeartGuiding A Child's Heard Chat & Craft

Do you have a child in your life you desire to have a lasting influence on? Do you find yourself feeling frustrated with your own and everyone else’s never-ending focus on children’s behavior? Do you wonder how the latest trends in child rearing jive with Scripture? Do you long for the best way to guide a child into adulthood?

In this Chat & Craft, you will gain a fresh perspective and practical tools so you have a lasting influence from childhood to adulthood. Create a set of reusable note cards to help you provide the encouragement kids really need!


A Season to Remember

Holiday Stress, difficult circumstances, and painful losses

can make us want to run away and hide from it all.

But every season has value… No matter how difficult! 

At A Season to Remember Chat & Craft sessions you will:

– Gain new insights
– Get exclusive access to a private on-line support community
– Create a keepsake ornament filled with memories to treasure from this season

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The fine print:

*Minimum of 10 required for the event.
*No refunds unless cancellation for weather or minimum attendees not reached.
*Those who do not pre-register won’t be guaranteed supplies for the craft.