Blowing Dandelions T-Shirt Tutorial

Who can resist blowing a dandelion in the summer?Dandelion Girls

You may have read in my Why The Dandelion post that one of my favorite pictures of my oldest son is of him spreading those pesky seeds into our neighbor’s pristine yard when we lived in Illinois.  Shhh… don’t tell John and Lois!

What do you get when you combine a love of dandelions with a longing for creative expression and a frugal spirit?

This great shirt!

This project was one of the very first Craft Workshops way back when My Messy Desk was just a dream in the unfinished basement of our Colorado home. And Dollar Store Crafts asked me to write a tutorial for it.

It has been very popular over there, but I wanted to share it with you here.

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Here is what you will need:

Dandelion Supplies* T-shirt any color but white would be fine, so choose what you like (reclaimed from your closet, purchased on clearance or even thrifted like mine was)

* Flat Piece of Cardboard large enough to fill the inside of your shirt (cereal boxes work perfectly)

* White, Black and Green Paints (fabric paint is great, but you can add Martha Stewart’s Fabric Medium to any acrylic paint to keep it from being stiff and un-wearable)

* Shower Poof (I got 2 for $1 at WalMart)

* Thin tipped paint brush

* Paint Pallet for mixing (I used a left over paper plate or two)

*Note:   Be sure you are using paints with the same curing process, which should be listed on the bottle.

Here’s the how-to:

  1. Put the cardboard inside the shirt, to keep paint from seeping through to the back, which is not attractive.
  2. Next, you want to squirt a generous amount of the white paint on to the plate.  If you are using regular acrylic paint and fabric medium, follow the directions for mixing on the bottle.
    Dandelion Mixing Paint
  3. This is the fun part – pounce the shower poof up and down in the paint and then gently pat it on the shirt where you want the head of the flower to go. I recommend practicing on a scrap of paper. Start gently – you can always add more.Dandelion Pouncing
  4. Next, squirt a bit of the green paint on your plate and using the thin brush, paint your stem.  Perhaps give it a slight curve so it looks like it is bending in the direction of the wind.
  5. Then add some seeds being scattered by the wind. We used two methods with the same white paint mixture. A) Ever so lightly sweep the poof out and up from the head of the flower, or B) paint each individual seed with the thin paint brush making tiny little crosses. Then rinse the brush and dip it in the black paint to put a tiny stem on each seed. Either method seems produces pleasing results, it is just a matter of whether you want fast and abstract or painstakingly real. I think a few blowing over your shoulder and onto your back would be fun, too. Danedlion Seeds
  6. Now you just have to be patient while your creation dries (generally for 24 hours), heat set with an iron as directed on the paint packaging (mine was 3 minutes on as hot a setting as the shirt fabric allows).
  7. Wash and wear!

And that’s all there is to it!{Dandelion Shirt}

You could also use the same technique on a pillow or a canvas tote bag or a tea towel… The possibilities are endless!

Let it be a reminder to you to live a MASTERPIECE life by spreading the seeds of faith every where you go!






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8 thoughts on “Blowing Dandelions T-Shirt Tutorial

  1. Hi Liz! I am Jennae’s friend and we are going to make the dandelion tshirt at our retreat. How much paint should I buy? About how many t-shirts can 4 oz make? What kind of paint did you use? How was the drying time? did you have to put heat on yours? For the paint you used, did it wash well? we need to use the fabric paint that you do not have to put heat on. Did you use 3D paint? how did that go?

    thanks for your help Liz! Pam Gartman

    1. I’m so excited, Pam! I would say a 4 oz bottle can do about 8 shirts. The black and green will go even further, probably like 20 shirts per. You don’t really use a ton. And it’s good to remind the ladies to start with less, to pat the excess off the pouf on a scrap before attacking their shirts. I used plain old acrylic paint, not 3D, but with a little sparkle to it. Mine has washed just find. It’s gonna need several hours to dry. If not over night, but if the ladies are VERY careful, they could probably take them home to dry. I pray God blesses you and the ladies richly this weekend!

      1. Thank you Liz! Yes we are excited! Jennae and I are excited about what God has planned to do in the heart of each lady there! We will send photos! Start with less and pat excess off… THANK YOU FOR THE TIP!!! That should make a big difference!

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