Dare to Dream Again

My Messy Desk wasn’t my first big dream.

I once dreamed of a lifetime of service to my country in the Army. My naive little girl heart imagined wearing General’s stars and commanding troops.

I also dreamed of operating a bed and breakfast on a buffalo ranch.

There wasn’t anything wrong with these dreams. They just weren’t what God had planned for me and my life took some unforeseen turns. I could have ignored all good discernment and continued to chase after them, but I’m fairly certain all my efforts would have ceased glorifying God at some point.

In fact that was pretty much what happened while I was in uniform. (You can read more about that in our next series: A Woman’s Worth.)

So I had to decide to let them die. And then I had to mourn their loss. Because when dreams die, we grieve. You can read more about my friend Grey’s journey through the death of her dream here. And just like she encourages, I had to dare to dream again.

Dare to Dream… Again.Dare to Dream Again

It was terrifying and exhilarating all at once!

So, if you’re reading this today feeling like you got burned by your last dream, I just want to encourage you to discover a new one. Or maybe you have achieved your previous dream and wonder if there is anything else out there. Spend some time with God discerning what the next one will be.

The dream I’m living now is so much better than the others before it. But I learned something with each of my previous dreams. Something about myself. Something about God. Something that makes this new(ish) dream all the more better.

Our past dreams are the fertilizer for new seeds God will plant in our hearts.

Our past dreams are the fertilizer for the new dream seeds God plants in our hearts. Click To Tweet

The lessons we learn from each of them will help us avoid future mistakes, refine our goals, and strengthen our assets. But most of all, discovering that God is with us through the successes and the failures helps us learn to trust Him no matter where He leads.

Our Dreams Don’t Define Us

Achieving our dreams does not define us. Neither does falling short. So we should never be afraid to dream again! No matter what the anyone says. Reminding us of our past failures is something Satan does to keep us bound up in fear. To keep us from reaching our full potential to glorify God.

Our identity as children of God and our worth as daughters of the King may be what fuels our dreams, but achieving them does not increase our value in God’s eyes. And no matter what the world may try to tell us, the death of our dreams does not degrade our identity. In fact, it may help us value our true identity even more. Because who we are in Christ cannot be tarnished by any earthly failures or foibles. 

Our identity is not defined by our #dreams. Click To Tweet

I hope you’ll come back next week as we continue this discussion on identity and worth in our next series: A Woman’s Worth.


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25 thoughts on “Dare to Dream Again

  1. I so feel you on this one! I’ve put to rest so many dreams in my past – to be a war reporter writing for Newsweek and living in NYC, or becoming an Army officer. They were big dreams for me and none of them came true. And yet I’m glad I had them, and I DID learn something about myself as I either failed or moved away by making different choices.
    Good stuff!

  2. Sometimes dreams are stepping stones to new growth, ideas, and places. I love that you point out that our identity isn’t in our dreams. It’s so easy to define ourselves or seek our value through what we do and achieve. Great series, Friend!!!

    1. It is, but earthly achievement is not guaranteed, so we have to find the source of our eternal identity and worth. Can’t wait to kick off this next series!

  3. I’ve enjoyed so much your dream series, Liz! Love the thought that our dreams don’t define us. And that past dreams are the fertilizer for new dreams. I think it’s good to not take them too seriously (the possibility of failure, I mean), to go for something and try it, and when God seems to change our plans, just to seek Him as we retweak, or totally develop a new dream. 🙂

  4. Hey Liz, You are a kindred spirit. There was a time in my life when I couldn’t remember any dreams lost in the chaos of mommyhood and I realized how important they are for us. Sometimes they get buried, sometimes they need to be buried, planted, watered, and “fertilized by the old ones.” Love that! Thanks so much. I’ve got a chapter called “When Buried Dreams Bloom” in my book A Mary Like Me: Flawed Yet Called. Much love, General! Keep marching! I’m visiting from the Monday Minute link up. (I can’t get the image to show up on my sidebar, but I do have a link there. Blessings!)

  5. “Past dreams are fertilizer for new seeds. . ” Gosh, I love that! I have never been a big dreamer, probably because I was afraid to fail. Then came the kids and away went the time and any inkling of a dream I had went with it. I’m in a new season. This is a great reminder that my dreams don’t define me. I guess what you’re really saying is that success is not my identity. I embrace that and will dream on.

    1. Oh, Sheila!! You should take a look at some of the previous posts in this series!! And don’t miss the upcoming series about our worth as women!!

  6. What beautiful and much needed encouragement you’ve shared here. I love this: “Our past dreams are the fertilizer for new seeds God will plant in our hearts.” It can be so hard to let go of a dream but that really puts a new spin on it. Those old dreams are still used by Him. And His dreams for us really are so much better than what we could ever imagine.

  7. The saying “living the dream” – I think I am. Every.day.
    God was plain in the 90’s when He told me “write and let Me worry about the rest.”
    He has been faithful.

  8. LOVE this post! I’ve so often seen my own dreams die only to watch God manifest HIS dreams for my life. Such a great reminder for this current time for me.

  9. I have always loved the saying. “if you want to make God laugh, tell him your five year plan”.
    I was told in high school that I would never have children so my plans and dreams did not include family. I had a whole post high school/college/career/financial plan all mapped out….hahaha. I had four children in five years. Clearly the Lord had an entirely different five year/life plan for me. I had to completely let go of many of the dreams I was so passionate about because they didn’t align with having a family. Setting new challenges and goals was both disappointing and rewarding. There are days when I drop to my knees thanking Him and days I shake my fist and cry 🙂

    1. I hear you, Deanna! Having kids interrupted my dreams, too. But what God has shown me since has been so much richer…not always easier, but better! Blessings as you pursue God’s dreams for you!

  10. Love how you so seamlessly blended the end of this series into the beginning of another, Liz. Such a pro, you are. 🙂 I’ve loved this dream series and look forward to reading the next one (which sounds great, by the way). So thankful that our identities are secure in Him. ((xoxo))

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