Defending the Dream

If you’ve ever had a dream, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve had to defend it at some point.

Not everybody is going to be on board with the direction you’re headed.  Some will guess you’ve gone crazy. Others might think you’re being reckless with your resources. Still others might assume you’re neglecting other responsibilities to chase a pipe dream. They may accuse you of being prideful for thinking you could achieve your dream or flat out tell you they don’t think you’ve got what it takes. Chances are, they know someone who failed at a similar venture.

And believe me, they will let you know.

So, what’s a girl to do?

Step one is to go back and re-apply a healthy dose of discernment. If your dream is from God He is the only One who must approve it.

Let’s look at Noah. I mean the man spent 100 years building a boat. In a land that had never before flooded. I can just hear the snide remarks of passerby…

     What a fool!

     He’s wasting all his money on that death trap!

     Can you believe he really thinks God told him build that thing?

     I bet it won’t even float.

Obviously Scripture doesn’t include these details. I’m extrapolating. I mean what would happen if we were to start nailing boards together in Central Park. You can bet we’d meet with plenty of opposition.

Noah pleased God, simply by walking with Him, before God gave him the plans to erect the ark.

Many a good dream, even God-dreams, have been shattered by detractors and hecklers. Sometimes, our own voices are the ones raising those very concerns.

But God doesn’t need us to defend Him or the dreams He has given us. He is perfectly capable of that all on His own. What He wants us to do by the power of the Holy Spirit is glorify His Son for the world to see.

But the world doesn’t know the power of God. #Dreaming Click To Tweet

The world may not see the need for what you’ve been called to do. The world may not understand why you’re pouring your heart and soul into the dream breaking forth from your heart. The world probably doesn’t get why you spend so much time praying, honing, gathering support, or trusting God to move on your behalf.

But the world doesn’t know the power of God.

And, here is the thing. You don’t really need to waste time defending your dream to detractors. If God has ordained it, He will bring it to pass. If He has not planned for your success in this matter, rest assured He will use even a failure for His own good purposes.

In Acts 5, we find the story of some apostles who had been imprisoned for teaching the gospel. An angel of the Lord opened the prison doors and freed them, giving instructions to return to the temple and preach about Jesus. As you might imagine, the Pharisees were greatly distressed upon hearing this news. One of their own, a highly respected teacher named Gamaliel, calmed the rest of the council. He cautioned the Pharisees to leave the men alone saying,

“So in the present case I tell you, keep away from these men and let them alone, for if this plan or this undertaking is of man, it will fail; but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them. You might even be found opposing God.”

Acts 5:38-39

Don’t waste time defending your dream.

Just imagine Gamaliel giving this advice to those who oppose your plans. Sometimes I’m the one who needs to hear this admonishment. I gain strength and courage from knowing that man cannot stop what God has begun, and that keeps me from allowing detractors destroy my dreams. Then I don’t have to waste  time defending myself. Every minute spent explaining why we feel called to do what we’re doing takes times away from actually doing the dream. Let the results speak for themselves.

When we dream with God we do not have to defend the outcome or our efforts. We simply trust Him with the next step. The end result is His business. Faithfully responding to His prompting is our only responsibility. We daily lay the dream at His feet and He chooses if we leave it there or pick it back up and take the next step.

Where God has ordained success, man cannot impose failure.

Where God has ordained success, man cannot impose failure. #Dreams Click To Tweet

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32 thoughts on “Defending the Dream

  1. I’m loving this series, and this one in particular challenges me in the area of discernment. I continually ask God for wisdom, and am thankful when I see growth happening.

    1. I’m with you, Michele. Constantly praying for God’s wisdom and discernment. I don’t want to chase a dream He hasn’t ordained for me. Blessings, friend.

  2. Liz- Thanks for this encouragement! I know other’s might not “get it,” but I’ve also laughed and questioned what I feel God is leading me to do. That’s probably really bad:)

    1. I’m sure you’re not alone in that, Julie! I’ve had plenty of Sarah moments when I laugh at what I feel God whispering to my heart! Blessings!

  3. This particular step of defending the dream was perfect for me today. Thank you for sharing. I’m continuing to surrender a newer dream I’m pursuing to the Lord because I seem to constantly be up against such strong adversity. So far it seems to be a challenge to overcome and not a door closing but after a close loved one critiqued this dream recently it left me questioning this new course even more. Thank you for writing God’s Words and taking so much time to study what He lays on your heart. I’ve been so encouraged to continue pressing on. The door hasn’t closed!

    1. Oh, Val! I’m praying for God to give you clear guidance and confidence in the dreams He has placed in your heart, along with the strength to chase them! XO

  4. This is a great post! I’ve learned, personally, that I have to be careful with whom I share my dream. Not everyone understands me and I can be left wondering if it was really a dream from God. I would also point out that there is importance in having Spiritual advisors in the place of Pastors or leaders to help us know whether our dreams are truly God ones.

  5. So much good stuff here, Liz. These thoughts especially struck me this morning: “Every minute spent explaining why we feel called to do what we’re doing takes times away from actually doing the dream,” and “If He has not planned for your success in this matter, rest assured He will use even a failure for His own good purposes.” Amen, my friend!

  6. Amen! This post has personally touched me, because right now I even feel as if I myself am crazy pursuing this dream of mine that doesn’t seem to be producing any results. But your post has reminded me that ultimately it is the Lord’s plans that will come to pass. So much prayer is needed. Thanks again for sharing such blessed insights! I will have to read the others in this series 🙂

    1. Yes, indeed, Alexandra! That can be so difficult to walk out when results don’t match expectations. And prayer is the only way to know if you should keep going or discover a new dream. Blessings!

  7. This is great, and it’s the second post on this topic I’ve read today, so I’m definitely taking notice. It is encouraging to remember that if God has given us a dream it will come to pass, that no matter what other people might think we need to keep pressing on and obeying him.

    1. Absolutely! If God has set us on this dream course and hasn’t called us to quit, we must stand strong and obey despite what other’s may say! Blessings!

    2. Absolutely! If God has placed us on this dream course and not called us to quit, we must continue to obey despite what others say. Blessings!

  8. This is pure truth Liz and needed by so many! Thanks for giving us all a needed pep talk to trust only in God and the dreams He ordains. Love it!

  9. It’s true – if God birthed the dream, He will see it through. I’m reminding myself of this this morning for one particular dream that’s been dangling in my mind a bit. Great encouragement this morning, Liz. #chasingcommunity

  10. I live by that philosophy — “Let the results speak for themselves.” — I’m not big into justifying, either. 🙂 “The world doesn’t know the power of God.” So true and so, so sad. 🙁 Good reminder to lay it down every single day. Just because He gave it to us, doesn’t mean He doesn’t still want control of it! 🙂 You should do motivational speaking, Liz. This seems like a sweet-spot for you. 🙂 Thank you for sharing, friend. ((xoxo))

    1. Somehow I need to get to the point where I am OK chasing the dream even if God hasn’t ordained it for results that look like success to the rest of the world. That’s TOUGH! I do believe I could do a workshop on dreams after this series! Thanks for all you do to encourage! XO

  11. Oh, how true these words are. I feel like I could really use a cup of tea with Noah lately!

    This writing dream is a tricky one for me. I can’t shake it. It’s something deep inside me that I can’t seem to let go of. So I’m here and I keep going (I know so many of us can relate to that!) But I see the people around me. The ones in real life who smile and say “that’s nice” when they hear what I’m doing. And I feel like i can hear the things they’re not saying. And it’s hard.

    I bet Noah knew that feeling well.

    1. I’d like to have a cup of tea with YOU, Becky! Writing is a tricky dream… I often wonder how much easier it would be not to chase it, but I can’t quite seem to shake it. So glad we have each other to encourage! XO

  12. Great reminder, Liz!! You are so right…we can run into those who may not see it as we do. If God calls us to a dream ,though, he will surely fulfill it! So thankful for your dream and your pursuit of it!

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