Discovering the Dream

Do you need help discovering your dream? Perhaps you are brave and daring and ready to dream, but for the life of you you can't figure out what your dream
might be?

This is for you.

It's also for you if you have an idea but need some clarity. Even if you think you know what your dream is, it's a good idea to do a periodic 'gut check' to make sure you and God are still on the same page.

Free Printable Worksheet for Discovering your Dream

This free printable Discovering the Dream Worksheet is for YOU! Click To Tweet

So no matter where you are on the dream journey, I'd encourage you to spend some time (re)discovering your dream. These questions are different that the ones in the Moving Toward MASTERPIECE post from the beginning of the year. Some of your answers might be similar. But your dream should be something you want to do for life, not just for a season or this year.Discovering The Dream

Pray before you begin.

Dear Father,

You knit me together in my mother's womb and knew me before I was born. You have given me specific skills and abilities. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I know you have planned good works for me to do that will glorify you. Please give me guidance and wisdom as I discover the dream you planted deeply in my heart. Show me what you would have me to do with the resources and gifts you have given me. Inspire me to use what You have given me to glorify You.

In Jesus' Name. Amen.

To download this free worksheet to help you discover your God-given dream, join the growing community at My Messy Desk.

*Click on the title link that appears after you enter your information and hit send, or check your e-mail for a link later.

If you get stuck on any of the questions, feel free to phone a friend or family member for their input. If you haven’t done a spiritual gifts test recently, I’d encourage you to take a quiz. Here is one I like. Share this post with your friends and then meet up for coffee to brainstorm your dreams together. It can be fun and helpful to get input from others about our dreams – particularly if humility keeps you from seeing yourself clearly.

I believe that our God-given dreams are discovered where our Skills, Satisfaction, and Service intersect. So, look for common themes between each of the three different categories. Look for skills that also rate highly in satisfaction. Find a form of service into which you can incorporate your skills. Make notes in the “Common Themes” section. Begin journalling about how God might use your skills and abilities to serve His creation and glorify His name.

Discover God-given dreams where skills, satisfaction, and service intersect. Click To Tweet

Now, it's one thing to dream incredible dreams, but as Christians, we know we can't leave God out. So next week we're going to talk about how to apply a healthy dose of discernment to our dreams.

I'd love for you to share your dreams in the comments so we can all pray for each other.


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14 thoughts on “Discovering the Dream

  1. These are great questions, Liz. Thanks so much! I still haven’t taken time this January to do goal-setting, dreaming, planning! I have hazy writing dreams for the year, but I need to write them down. Maybe in February! I had my college boy leave after Christmas break January 8th, and now my college girl is here for her break (school in Turkey different) so January has been busy mom month. I’ve appreciated these posts though.

    1. Any time is a great time for reflecting and praying about the dreams God places in our hearts! I look forward to hearing what you discover, Betsy! XO

  2. I love it when people of God encourage others to bloom in their gifts and callings. You are an encourager! 🙂 I am sharing this with my daughter because she really needs this uplifting post today. Thanks so much!

  3. Great resource! Love the worksheet! I love those kinds of things, but your questions are really good. Love this series! And thanks for joining the #MondayminutewithGod!

    1. Thanks, Kori! I love bringing the spiritual and the practical together and think it is so important to capture our ideas and God’s inspiration! Thanks for hosting such a lovely link-up! XO

  4. Oh, this dream life! It can be so overwhelming and full of doubt. Your worksheet looks great and so helpful! God longs for us to live out the dreams He has placed in our hearts. What a wonderful reminder and resource today!

    And my dream…..I feel like I’m looking at it, turning it over and over deciding if it’s really the dream I’m supposed to pursue.

    1. I hear you, Becky! Me, too!! This worksheet is great for figuring out what dream God may have nestled in your heart, BUT… tomorrow’s worksheet and post if for you if you already have an idea of the Dream… I hope you’ll come back and joins us for dreaming with Discernment tomorrow!

  5. This may be strange (probably so), but I feel like I live my dreams in the dailyness of now, rather than reaching toward something in the later. Does that make sense? (I downloaded your sheet though, so perhaps I’ll learn something new about myself. 🙂 ) I’ve never really felt like the typical “dreamer,” but rather a next-right-thing girl — walking in the “dream” with each next right thing. I think they’re both probably the same thing, just a difference in perspective, since dreams are met in the daily. The daily showing-up–being faithful to one next step after another. (Perhaps dreams are really seen in reverse…hmmm.) — Interesting series, Liz. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to next week’s installment. 🙂 So glad to have you with us at #ChasingCommunity. xoxo

    1. I always tell my kids that, Brenda… just do the next right thing! I don’t think you’re odd at all. Perhaps you’re already living your dream!

  6. LOVE this framework for finding your dream. I struggled for SO long to rediscover my dreams – and discover where God was calling me. I ended up working through many of these same questions, but only through trial and error. Love that you have this all together. Fantastic resource!!

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