Easiest Kimono Tutorial

I am obsessed with kimonos right now.

Partly because they’re cozy and so IN this season. Mainly because they make leggings and tunics look more like an outfit than pajamas!

Last week I made one out of an old, sheer scarf that was so huge I never wore it… without sewing a stitch. I used thin strips of heat-n-bond to iron down all my seams and hems. It was fairly time consuming but turned out great. So, even if you don’t have a sewing machine you can still be on point for fall fashion with this quick and easy tutorial. Just follow the instructions and use your iron on fusing or heat-n-bond where I sew.

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I love projects that use unexpected items. I was wandering the aisles at one of our big box stores and a pretty pattern caught my eye in the home decor section. That’s where I found the material to make these three kimonos. They started out as large curtain panels.img_4275

The biggest advantage of using curtain panels is that the sides are already finished. That means less work for you than fabric by the yard. That’s what makes this the Easiest Kimono Tutorial you’ll find.

You’ll want to select a panel that is twice as long as you’d like your kimono to hang. The panel must be at least as wide as the distance between your shoulders but no longer than the distance from wrist to wrist if you extend your arms out wide. Wrist to wrist will be long sleeved. Wider is better as you can always shorten it up.

The sheerer the fabric the better your kimono will hang. Just be sure it isn’t too stiff. You certainly don’t want lined or black-out curtains for this project.

My fashion sense isn’t always quite up to par… I really wanted the grommets on that middle panel to say cute industrial detail, but apparently they screamed curtain. So, I was convinced to trim that edge off before proceeding, but had to hem the bottom edge. So it is easiest if you simply go with curtains that have a plain rod pocket.


     Curtain Panel (I used 84 inch long panels that were between 40 (short sleeved) and 54 inches wide (3/4 sleeved).)


     Sewing Machine or Iron-On Fusing

     Iron and Ironing Board

     Matching Thread

     Yard Stick or Other Measuring Device

     Large Table or Work Surface

     Chalk (optional)


  1. If your material is super wrinkly you might want to give it a quick iron, to reduce the risk of cutting errors.
  2. Fold the panel in half length-wise. Which means if your panel was 84 inches long by 54 inches wide fold it over and make it 42 x 54 .kimono-tut-pics-002 
  3. Measure to the middle of the 54 inch side – 27 inches from either corner. Make a faint mark with chalk. Make hash marks all the way to the fold. Then cut along that line.
  4. Move to your ironing board. Create a double folded hem along the cut line, ironing as you go.
  5. Sew along the inside (wrong side) along the creased hems. Don’t stress about this part. There is a reason you don’t find more sewing tutorials on here. I’m not the best seamstress. So, if I’m going to sew, the project has to be super easy. Lucky for me (and you) this one is just that! The garment is meant to be long and flowy, so that means there is a wide margin for error. Trim your strings.img_4282 
  6. Move back to your cutting table. Fold again with wrong sides together. At each folded corner, (which will be the end of your sleeve, measure 10 inches down the open edge. Place a pen there. Then measure horizontally along the 10 inch line and place another pin 9 inches in toward the center of the fabric. You can either mark with chalk or just eyeball between the pins.img_4283   kimono-tut-pics-001
  7. Sew the right sides together from pin to pin. Trim your strings.
  8. That’s it! You are ready for the runway!

    You could also add some fancy fringe trim or other fun details to personalize your creation! Don’t forget to share this tutorial with your friends so you can all show of your high fashion during your next Mother’s Day Out!

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