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I’m thrilled to have Kelsey sharing about El Chay, The Living God, for this week’s Word Nerd Wednesday post.

El Chay: Living God

In Joshua 3, Joshua explains to the Israelites God’s strategy to move His people into the Promised Land. Joshua describes Him as the living God and how he will ensure safety through several hostile territories and deliver His people to their destination.  

“He said: ‘You will know that the living God is among you and that He will certainly dispossess before you the Canaanites, Hittites, Hivites, Perizzites, Girgashites, Amorites, and Jebusites when the ark of the covenant of the Lord of all the earth goes ahead of you into the Jordan’.”

Joshua 3:10-11*

The name El Chay is not found in the Bible, but the living God is referenced several times.  Matthew Poole’s commentary details the importance of describing God as living or alive:

The living God; not a dull, dead, senseless, and inactive god, such as the gods of the nations are; but a God of life, and power, and activity, to watch over you, and work for you.**

Another perspective is from the Pulpit Commentary:

Verse 10. – That the living God. Rather, perhaps, that a living God, i.e., that you have not with you some idol of wood or stone, or some deified hero, long since passed out of your reach, but a living, working, ever present God, who shows by His acts that your faith in Him is not vain. The phrase is a very common one as applied to God in the Old Testament. In the New, Christ is frequently referred to as the source of life. Is among you.**

The Living God in the Bible

The specific energy with which the divine nature operates finds expression also in the name ‘El Chay, “Living God,” which God bears over against the impotent idols.***  The following Scriptures reference The Living God:

1 Samuel 17:26,36 (describing the armies of the living God)

2 Kings 19:4,16 (Hezekiah’s description of the living God)

 Psalms 18:46 (the Lord lives!)

 Jeremiah 23:36 (man’s twisted interpretation of the words from the living God)

 Daniel 6:20,26  (King Darius describing the living God of Daniel)

God is alive like you and me. He is not an object without any existence but is ever-present with us and in us. The Bible refers to Him as the living God to show His people how He is set apart from all other inanimate gods.  

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* The Study Bible for Women, Holman Christian Standard Bible Copyright 2014 by Holman Bible Publishers Nashville TN



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