Experiencing God

The Privilege of Experiencing God

Experiencing God alters the way we experience this world, but we cannot let our experiences in this world alter the way we experience God.

Astounded by the Privilege of Experiencing God

Privilege of Experiencing GodGod created us with 5 senses that work together to help us fully experience Him and His creation. In all these months we’ve been talking about this, one thought keeps coming back to me. I am less fascinated by the fact that God created us with these incredible abilities to experience Him and more astounded by the idea that He would allow a sinner like me to experience Him at all. That He made a way for me to experience Himself, to have a relationship with Him, now and for all eternity. 

We have to get to the end of ourselves to begin experiencing God. Humility is the first step in experiencing God. Realizing our wretchedness in stark comparison with His wisdom, love, and faithfulness. Recognizing we cannot save our selves. Remembering what He has done to make us His own. Recognizing that He chooses to reveal Himself to us through His Word and His Holy Spirit.

Compensating Senses

For those who have an impairment in one of their senses, it is common for the others to become more acute. Those who lack sight have reported an increased acuity of hearing or smelling, or even an ability to create visual images in their brains through touch. When we are unable to see, hear, taste, touch, or smell the aroma of God in our lives, we can hone in on one of the others to experience God.

The deaf learn sign language or to read lips. The blind learn braille, walk with a stick, or have a trusted guide to lead them through the twists and turns of their path. When one of our God-senses is dull, we train the others to compensate. That way on days when we have a hard time feeling Him, we are more prone to listening or looking for Him. Or when what we see in this world fills our thoughts with troubles, we can turn to prayer, trusting He hears us. And seasons that feel like we’re battling uphill through the snow barefoot, we might catch a whiff of His aroma, reminding us that we share in His eternal victory.

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Practice Experiencing God Every Day

35 Ways for Experiencing God

No matter your preference or ability for experiencing God, let’s all commit to getting out there and doing it today. Learn how you experience Him best and experiment with some others to keep your senses sharp! Because the privilege of experiencing God is not one we should take lightly!

I created this free download with 35 ideas to help us all experience God’s goodness in the midst of our messy everyday lives until we meet Him face to face! Click on the picture to download the pdf! 

I hope you have enjoyed this series as much as I have!

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Experiencing God

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