Facing Your Worst Case Scenario

Facing My Worst Case Scenario

My friend Crystal Twaddell invited me to share about braving my worst case scenario as part of her Made For Brave Sisterhood series this summer. Don’t miss her manifesto!

You can read the full post here… –> How To Brave Your Worst Case Scenario.

I talk about some strategies I’ve learned for creating “even if” faith in the face of our greatest fears. That’s the kind of faith we all need to brave our worst case scenarios. I created this worksheet to help you do the same. Click on the image below to download your own copy.

I pray that no matter what fears you’re facing today, God will give you His strength to face them with the faith only He can create in your heart and mind.





One thought on “Facing Your Worst Case Scenario

  1. Just re-read your “What Frightens You?” Excellent, and especially loved “faith frees us to live fruitfully!”…..xo

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