Family is…

I wasn’t going to write about this today.

I have several other posts lined up and ready to go. Yay me! I was planning on using one of those to get me through this crazy week.

But Suzie Eller’s prompt for this week’s #livefree link up “Family is…?” kept ringing in my ears as I enjoyed renewing an old friendship last night. 

I have a magnificent Mom and a great Dad, a spectacular sister, two amazing aunts, an awesome uncle with one more in heaven, and absolutely lovely cousins. Growing up these people were my family. They still are.

When I met my husband, I added a whole host of fantastic people to that category. I seriously have the best in-laws a girl could ask for – I love you all!

But this is not where my family ends.

God has blessed me beyond measure with this great big extended family. My Army family, my church family, my PWOC sisters. My people. My tribe. My community. You know who you are.

Every time we move I get to add new members.

Webster’s dictionary says that family is a noun used for parents and their children or a group of people connected by blood or marriage and sharing common ancestry; the members of a household and then a whole bunch of scientific terms that fall somewhere between genus and order. They really lose me there…

But I think the authors of this book on the meaning of words neglected to include the most important definition: those connected for life by shared experiences.

From R-Day to Ring Weekend and everything in between. From Bosnia to Iraq and back. For those who knew me in uniform and those who have helped me become the woman I am in civilian clothes. For those who have witnessed both my best and my worst. As well as those who have supported me through deployment and reunion. To those who know how well I handled an M16 and those who know how much I dread the dropbox. For those who have seen me lead and follow and fall flat on my face. To all of you who would drop everything in the middle of a busy week just to have a few hours to chat. For those with whom I have been both bar and blog hopping, as well as those who are invested in my book writing. For those with whom I have let my hair and my guard down. Those for whom I’ve been strong and those with whom I’ve been vulnerable. For those in who’s care I have entrusted my own offspring and those who have allowed me to love on their children.

You are more than just people I know and hold in warm regard. You are more than supporters. You are my family. And I love you.

I would not be the woman I am today or the woman I am becoming without you.

We cannot lose the bonds forged in shared experience any more than we can deny our bloodline.

We cannot lose the bonds forged in shared

Who is your family? Does it extend beyond those with whom you share blood? Give them a call, send a text, or even share this blog to let them know how much they mean to you today.

Dear Father, Thank you for making me a part of Your eternal family through the blood of Your Holy and Precious Son. Thank you for extending my earthly family with the amazing people who have loved me even when I’m not very lovable! By Your Spirit, make me a good sister to them, too! Amen.

8 thoughts on “Family is…

  1. You’re speaking to my heart! I always joke that I married into the biggest extended family ever, because my husband has taught me that family is so much more than your bloodline. Love you sister! So glad I got to meet you at She Speaks! You’re a delight and a blessing

  2. This is so true! Though I’ve never been in the military, I have been in Christian education for the past 20+ years, labor in with some amazing warriors for Christ. Those bonds do grow deep, as well, like blood. Thanks for the reminder!

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