From Abstract to Picture Perfect

As I gazed upon the bright blue flowing lines and darker swatches of color that covered what was once a blank canvas, I was dumbfounded.

I had no idea what I was looking at.

The colors were pretty and the textures were nice, but the art was so abstract I was unable to discern any shape or idea that may have inspired the piece.

Until I read what the artist titled his work.

Once I saw that he had named it, “Her Cocoon,” I began to see the gentle sway of a hip, the subtle arch of a breast, the swirl of an ear, the flow of hair. Knowing what he called his painting, I was able to see what he wanted me to envision.

Names give form to the unfathomable.

Names give form to the unfathomable. @LizGiertz Click To Tweet

The same is true for God. Sometimes when I consider Him, He is so big and so mighty and so overwhelming that I simply cannot picture Him no matter how hard I try. But His Word provides a framework for us to begin to understand Him. The names by which He calls Himself reveal critical characteristics about His being. Those names direct our attention to details He wants us to notice.








The names He calls us paint a picture of who He created us to be.








These names describe who God is, our identity, how we relate to each other, and the masterpiece He created us to be.

In the introduction of her new book I Know His Name, Wendy Blight explains, “the more deeply we explore our God, the more we move from simply knowing about Him to truly knowing Him.”  I want to know Him intimately, don’t you?

He is holy and we are made holy because of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. No matter what we’ve done, we are made holy by His blood. When we meet him at His return, He will look upon us and see His Son’s righteousness.

He is the Father who disciplines and trains His children. He is always leading and guiding us in the way we should go. Once we learn to obey and submit to His authority we will finally begin to follow His lead.

He is the Redeemer who bought us by Jesus’ blood. The price He paid for us is incalculable. And we could never settle the debt ourselves.

He is the Master and we are the Bondservants who have chosen to stay and serve Him. Because of His perfect love for us, we are inspired to serve Him with every part of our lives.

He is the Potter and we are the clay – He molds into His masterpiece. The clay isn’t capable of making itself into anything. Only the Potter knows the purpose for which He is molding us.

He is the great Physician and we are healed by His stripes. Though He is capable of healing every disease and ailment, that may not come until we have been raised up with Him at His return. Our sinful nature is ultimately cured by His punishment.

He is the Savior and we have been saved from our sinfulness. By His grace and mercy, our sins are forgiven and we are promised eternal fellowship with Him in His kingdom. We are saved from the painful separation and endless torment our sin has earned us.

Knowing the name of the MASTERPIECE makes the abstract picture-perfect.

Knowing the name of the MASTERPIECE makes the abstract picture-perfect. @LizGiertz Click To Tweet

Knowing the name of the MASTERPIECE makes the abstract picture-perfect.

Do any of these names strike a chord with you? Are there others that bring clarity to the way you to see yourself or God? For a chance to win Wendy’s book, I Know His Name, share your favorite in the comments. The drawing will be held on Friday May 20th.

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30 thoughts on “From Abstract to Picture Perfect

  1. I almost NEVER read a blog post before I open my Bible in the morning, but for some reason when I saw this on FB, I came here. So glad I did. Thank you for this beautiful start to my day, remembering the names.of.God. It’s time to praise Him! I also have Wendy’s book, just started Jehova Shalom yesterday.

  2. Liz, what an absolutely beautiful post! I’m so thankful someone tagged me this morning so I was able to read it. And thank you for sharing from “I Know His Name” and giving it away. I’m truly honored that you would give this as a gift to one of your ministry friends. And thank you for sharing more of the wonderful names of God AND our identity in Him. They go hand in hand. May God take your post far and wide to reach many hearts with His magnificent names.



    1. Thank you, Wendy! Your book is such a great resource…I simply couldn’t keep it to myself! I enjoyed Living So That, too. I’m glad it jumped right off the table at SheSpeaks last year, so that I could be looking for more from you!

  3. Wow! Such a wonderful visual for me today. Sometimes God seems so big that we forget how He is everything we need – every specific thing. Such an awesome truth! Thanks for this, Liz:)

  4. Great post, Liz. I have completed “I Know His Name”, but your words have made me realize I need to go back and re-read/study some parts to get some perspective for this new season.
    Thank you for sharing!

  5. Hi Liz,
    Thank you for this post. All the names strike a chord with me, but if I had to choose two I would choose Holy and Master. I was so blessed to be able to do the “I Know His Name” bible study with Wendy last month. Her book is wonderful and I learned so much from her book.

  6. Wonderful post. Wendy thanks for sharing on your page. Otherwise I would not have seen it.
    I am grateful for all the wonderful names of God. He has proven them all to me. Where I struggle is the names He says of me. I struggle to believe that is who I am. I know God is not a liar but when you haven’t always been valued by others it is hard to believe you are valued by God who is greater than anyone or anything.
    HOWEVER, God in His infinite wisdom has wonderful ways of displaying how He feels about you. He is a MAGNIFICIENTLY AWESOME God!
    Loved this blog!

    1. So true, Donna. It is often harder to believe good things about ourselves. I struggle with that, too, especially when I don’t always measure up to the world’s picture of perfection. Thanks for reading and bravely sharing with us today!

  7. I like the names Good Shepherd and the Door to the gate for the sheep. I need Him to be my strength and confidence. I know apart from Him I can do nothing but all things are possible with God.
    I want to make sure I’m with Him 🙂

  8. God as my Redeemer is so beautiful to me. Looking forward to reading this book when I can get a copy.

    God bless you,


  9. I have really enjoyed reading your post. They always encourage me. So thankful that Sharon introduced us. I have always loved the image of God being the Potter and me being the clay. He can mold me and shape me, well a lot of times He is reshaping me because I tend to take the lead. Thankful for His grace and mercy! #simplysurrendering

    1. Me, too, Laurie! I like that image, too! I’m always in such a rush to get to the final product, I often miss the process… I need to do more #simplysurrendering!

  10. Father and Physician are really resonating with me today. What a beautiful description to wake up to this morning! Thanks Wendy:)

  11. It’s true. Names are so powerful and so revealing of the nature of a person or a thing. God gives us courage to call our sin by its name, and then gives us so many names for Himself that give us courage to keep coming to HIm for forgiveness.

  12. The name–
    JESUS speaks volumes to me over and over again . I never tire of that name – And to know I am a Jesus’s girl fills me up.

  13. Good Morning Liz,
    I love studying the names of God. One of my favorites is Most High. It gives me comfort.
    Have a blessed day 🙂

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