God’s Conversation Hearts

Can you believe Necco isn’t making any of those notorious conversation hearts for Valentines Day this year!?!? Well, I came up with an alternative that won’t even rot your teeth… this great God’s Conversation Hearts craft!

God’s Conversation Heart Verses

God’s Conversation Hearts

I volunteered my son to help with our church’s February Parents Night Out Event since he’s a little too old to participate. And as I researched ideas for devotion he could share with the kids barely younger than him, I combined a few things I’d seen in trusty google searches and came up with this neat idea for God’s conversation hearts!

There are so many options for using this craft. You can use them to create a memory match game, as an ice breaker where kids have to find the other side of their heart, or even as lunch box love notes for your kids (or your hubby). The best part is no matter how you use them, you’ll be sharing the WONDER of God’s love with everyone!

You can make your own following the instruction below or purchase the files to download from my Etsy shop and skip to step 3.. Be sure to read to the end for a special offer.

God’s Conversation Hearts Tutorial

  1. Digitally create a 3 inch by 3-inch heart. Put a 3 1/2 by 3 1/2 inch square around the heart. Copy and past 24 times. Change the colors of the hearts so you have 12 matching pairs in different colors.
  2. Add text to each heart. On one half of each pair write the cute conversation heart saying and the verse reference. On the other half of the pair write out the verse.
  3. Print all the hearts. Cut around the lines–either around the hearts or around the squares.
  4. Mount on 4-inch by 4-inch card stock squares. If you’re making these into lunch box love notes, put one half of each pair on either side of the card stock square. If you’re using these to play a matching memory game or as in ice breaker for a youth group event, put one square on each of 24 card stock squares.
  5. Laminate and trim.
  6. Have some fun sharing God’s love!

God’s Love Notes to You

This project is perfect for sending a little lunch box love to your kids (or hubby), reminding yourself of God’s WONDERful love, creating a memory game, or ice breaker at a Sunday School or youth group event.

Get your digital download HERE!

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