Looking Back to Move Forward

Looking Back to Move Forward

Here we are barreling toward the end of another year, I’ve been looking back to move forward. 

Pondering how My Messy Desk came to be helps me develop and refine the vision for where we’re going.

Looking Back

I never intended to be a writer.

I envisioned a craft business that brought women together around my craft tables. I believed this could be worthy work if I glorified God by sharing the gifts He gave me with others.

Crafting has preceded writing every step of the way.

I think God knew I’d have a hard time jumping blindly into bold evangelism, so He used crafting to coax me into the deep end ever so gently.

I began by inviting women to my home to craft with me but soon realized we were discussing more important matters than the proper way to stamp or paint. We were building community.

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Messes. Memories. Masterpieces.

I originally set up my blog to share our crafting adventures and write tutorials so others could create their own masterpieces. But God quickly took over my virtual space, too. My very first post was about being generous and sharing our gifts with others. It was decidedly not “crafty.”

My motto started out as a strict reference to crafting. I wanted ladies to know they could make their MESSES on my desk without having to worry about cleaning it up. I knew we were creating MEMORIES while we worked, sharing stories and having fun together. I hoped to convey that even those unsure of their creative abilities would leave my workshops with their own MASTERPIECE. Despite being given identical instructions and supplies, each woman’s project turned out to be uniquely her’s because of her own perspective and preferences.

As faith-based content began to consistently dominate my writing, God showed me how those three words could also explain our Christian experience here on earth.

My MESSES extend well beyond my craft tables. We all have them. They are a sad reality of living in this broken and sinful world. In fact, I can find evidence of messiness in every area of my life, but with God’s help and the assurance of my salvation by the blood of Christ, we are empowered to overcome them.

It is my MEMORIES about who God is and what He has done for me that give me the courage to follow His lead and allow Him to transform me by His Spirit.

As we submit to this transformation and accept the truth of our flawless and unique design, we are becoming His MASTERPIECES.

At the Writing Desk

He has taken what was once a crafty slogan and developed my writing niche.

As I follow God’s lead through my crafting comfort zone, I am discovering His purpose for my gifts, the niche for His message, and the good works He has prepared for me to walk in. I am becoming the MASTERPIECE He created me to be.

That’s why I am passionate about encouraging women to overcome life’s MESSES, embrace their MEMORIES, and become the MASTERPIECES God created them to be.

I hope you’ll join me in the transformation of a lifetime! You can always connect me here by commenting or using the contact from. You can join the community on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter or Instagram. And of course to keep from missing a post, subscribe to receive all my updates in your in-box.

Looking Back to Move Forward

Where in your life would going back to the beginning help you clarify your vision of the future you? What work has God begun in you? Did it take any unexpected turns in 2017? Where do think He’s leading your in the upcoming year? Tell me where you’re headed and I’ll do my best to bring you Bible-based encouragment to help you achieve your goals.

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Looking Back to Move Forward


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15 thoughts on “Looking Back to Move Forward

    1. Ufuoma! What a sweet surprise! Thank you so much, friend! I’m enjoying getting to know you through the interwebs so much! Blessings to you and yours!

  1. Liz, your story sounds familiar…..it sounds a lot like mine! At least in the crafting/artsy stuff. I’ve never quite figured out how to combine that with blogging and my growing interest in photography. I like your suggestion to look back to understand how to move forward. So glad we’re neighbors on Chasing Community today. Happy New Year to you!

  2. It’s great to hear more about your story, Liz, and I love how God has led you in a direction you’d never have expected. Thanks for sharing your writing- it’s always good to connect with you!

  3. Awe, I so looked forward to hearing this story. Thank you for sharing the story behind the Messy Desk. Love how God evolved something practical into something spiritual. Always enjoy reading here, friend. Looking forward to all God has for you in 2018. Happy New Year! xoxo

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