coronavirus impact

How Will Coronavirus Impact You?

The coronavirus impact will be felt by us all. But what I’ve seen so far is encouraging.


coronavirus impact
I see you! And YOU are amazing!

I see you.

And you are amazing!

You’re making do and doing without. Jumping on the trampoline and shooting hoops in the driveway and laughing with your kids. Playing games and reading devotions, wiping tears and dispelling fears. Making meals from scratch and trying new things and freezing the extras or sharing them with your neighbors. Cleaning, organizing, purging. Or overlooking the messes in favor or making memories or masterpieces or just avoiding the madness. 

Some of you are being diligent with school work while others have kids who may forget how to read or write or divide but will be BUFF by the time we all come out on the other side of this. Teaching algebra, Spanish, and World War II history, or seeking the necessary resources. Still others are allowing nearly unlimited screen time to keep the peace. Making time to talk about equal pay for equal work. Learning new tactics and phrases like “social distancing” and “flattening the curve.” Talking about taxes and voting remotely.

In the normal and the new…

You’re testing the feasibility of regrowing lettuce, onions, and celery. Enjoying meatless meals and eating your fruits and veggies first. Making the most of every square. Conserving and doing without. Using technology for good and adapting to your new normal. Not least of all, you’re calling your mother. 

Some of you are mission essential and cannot telecommute. You’re treating patients, stocking shelves, delivering supplies, and planning contingencies. Others are attempting to telecommute or work from home as you have always done but now find yourself working out the logistics of sharing the only computer with kids trying to do virtual school. Still others are adopting heroic measures to keep our nation’s children fed and learning. 

You are staying home when you can and going out only when necessary. Checking on your neighbors and smiling at strangers while keeping a safe distance. Trading what you have for what you need. You’re trying new things you never had time for before—reading, gardening, crocheting, baking, sewing, and getting a jump on the yard work. Planting produce you may need and trusting God to provide the rest. 

Will you let God make you better?

You are hugging a little longer and washing your hands a lot better. Finding joy and sharing hope with the hurting. Discovering Jesus really will give you the strength to be content despite your circumstances. Considering what you can actually control and releasing your grip on what you cannot. Curtailing comparison for the sake of your sanity. Letting go of the little things and engaging the eternal. Turning no longer to prayer as a last resort, but as your primary weapon. 

Some of you are finding new and unique ways to use your gifts and talents for good, while others are lamenting a feeling of hopelessness because you desire to DO something but cannot see a way. And even in that seeing a blessing because you’re realizing how much you’ve been accustomed to being the helper. But now you’re asking for help and accepting it. And you’re viewing prayer as the highest calling. 

You’re encouraging and evangelizing like never before. Sharing workouts that don’t require a gym, exchanging recipes with random ingredients, planning meals well in advance, and hosting on-line Bible Studies and prayer parties. Taking naps and reading books. Staying well-informed and avoiding the frenzy.

Embrace Every Experience

You are embracing all the free, on-line education your brain can handle—watching whales, exploring the Grand Canyon, touring museums in foreign countries and visiting the San Diego Zoo in your pajamas. Battling anxiety and experiencing the peace that makes no logical sense. Trusting God to provide for your small business during indefinite closure and supporting local businesses. You’re keeping your kids a safe distance from their friends but also allowing them a little more free-range time. 

You are celebrating life and mourning death from a distance. Smiling brighter, laughing louder, lingering a little longer over dinner. Crying for people you’ve never met in places you’ll never go. And really praying for local, state, national, and global leadership. 

You’re no longer taking modern conveniences and common freedoms for granted. Discovering what really constitutes an emergency and learning to value the sacrifices medical workers and first responders make every day. 

coronavirus impact
Better than Before

Playing games. Wiping tears. Learning names. Calming fears. 

You may even be wishing for the first time in a long time that you could actually spend Sunday morning in church. But you are also practicing empathy, compassion, humility, and loving your neighbor. Finding out what’s truly important. And what isn’t. Discovering the real meaning of self-care. Putting skills you talk a lot about like patience, resilience, and flexibility into practice. Renouncing the devil’s schemes, praying for miracles that exceed our imagination, and watching expectantly for God to redeem even this. 

Hanging on by a thread or leaning into the One who weaves us all together, collectively we are seeing that God is unstoppable, even in the face of what feels impossible. 

You get to choose how coronavirus impacts you.

So, look at YOU!! Wherever you find yourself in all this, know YOU are AMAZING. When this is all over, I hope we’ll remember how awesome we truly are and not allow ourselves to simply return to the status quo. Make no mistake. Coronavirus will have a lasting, global impact. But let’s make sure it changes us for the better.

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coronavirus impact

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