Move Toward the Mess: Identity Influences Investment

Our works don’t determine our worth, but knowing our worth affects our works. That’s what we talked about last week. In much the same way, our identity influences our investment.

Identity Influences Investment

The person God created you to be gives you a huge clue into your investment ideology. To put it another way, becoming the MASTERPIECES He designed us to be, makes the MESSES we should move toward more clear.

The more closely I follow the Spirit’s lead in my life, the more clearly I see the situations and people God wants me to invest in, the messes He want’s me to move toward, the good works He has prepared for me.

A MASTERPIECE is valuable because the master created it. The work of art glorifies the master simply by being what he created it to be. We glorify our Master, by being who He created us to be. Not who the world thinks we should be. The disparity between those two ideals creates crisis, conflict, and confusion. As we begin to move toward MESSES and invest in others, we must do so with authenticity and sincerity. Anything less cheapens our investment.

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If there was ever a woman who experienced an identity crisis, it was Esther.

Esther’s AudacityIdentity Influences Investment Move Toward the Mess

She was a Hebrew woman living in the King of Persia’s palace. King Ahasuerus selected her to succeed Queen Vashti whom he executed for failing to obey his commands. The king’s right hand man was about to annihilate the Hebrew people as part of a petty power play. Because Esther had gained the highest favor of the king, she was in a unique position to stop the mass murder. But she had to be brave enough to be who God had created her to be. In so doing she would expose her true identity as an Israelite to the king. Keeping her identity hidden kept her safe until revealing it was the only way to save her people. 

With a complete understanding of who she was, she moved toward the mess to save her people.

Esther had to know her identity in order to do the good works God planned, prepared, and positioned her for. She had to know who she was in order to know how to move toward the MESS.

She couldn’t simply try to fit in and remain comfortable in the Queen’s clothing. When we try to become what the world thinks is valuable, we degrade ourselves. It’s like recreating a famous and unique work of art into mass-produced posters. When you can have several copies of something similar for less, it cheapens the value of the original. God created each of us as uniquely gifted individuals who reflect His image in our own special way.

Identity Crisis

I put my identity in crisis when I strive to be something other than what God created me to be.

When my identity is in crisis it is more vulnerable to theft by the enemy of my soul. He wants nothing more than to make us believe we’ve lost our identity as children of God. That we have to earn our worth. That we are beyond saving. That God couldn’t possibly love us because of our failures. That it isn’t safe to be who God created us to be.

Our identity isn’t what we do. If we let what we do dictate our identity, we’ll always be in crisis. Especially when what we do goes against what we were designed to do. Who we are and what we do are intertwined, but we must understand which one drives the train. Who we are drives what we do. Because when what we do drives who we are our identities are limited to what we achieve. But we are worth so much more than our works. That knowledge provides both freedom and encouragment to follow where the Spirit leads. 

If we are to become the masterpieces God created us to be, we must move toward the works He prepared for us. No matter how messy the appear.

Being a MASTERPIECE means moving toward the MESS.

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How can you glorify the Master with the skills and abilities He has given you? Where has God uniquely positioned you to make an impact? How does your identity impact your investment?

Don’t know what I’m talking about with all this move toward the mess business? Check out the intro post HERE.


Identity Influences Investment Move Toward the Mess


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11 thoughts on “Move Toward the Mess: Identity Influences Investment

  1. Moving toward the mess! What an eye-opening way to view what God has called and purposed us to do. I love the lesson here. By knowing our identity in Christ, we can follow Him into His perfect plan. Oh, what a joy to be a part of God’s great design!

  2. Liz, so much good stuff in this post. Love the emphasis of moving *toward* the mess. So often, Christians are expected to rise above messes, but that’s not authentic. Love your example of Esther. And, Jesus is such a perfect example of moving toward the mess…leaving heaven to mix Himself up with our mess. (Then leaving behind His Spirit to live it out with us.) Lovely post, friend, thank you for sharing. Hope you’re settling in well. ((xoxo))

    1. We’re all a mess. Forgetting that takes us from compassion to plain sympathy and that’s not living out what Jesus calls us to do! We’re getting settled…just taking a while this time! Thanks for asking!

  3. Great insights, Liz. I love the focus on the master (the creator), as opposed to the masterpiece (or the created). Personally, I struggle often with striving to do and do more; I forget the importance of simply being what the Master created me to be.

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