Master Your Mess & Discover God’s Best

February may seem a bit early for Spring Cleaning, especially if the thermometer is still struggling to register above freezing where you live. But I think Lent is the perfect time to master your mess and discover God's best.

Master Your Mess

Observe Lent in a Meaningful Way

In case you're not familiar with it, Lent is the 40 days (+ 6 Sundays) between Ash Wednesday and Easter Sunday. Miriam Webster tells us it is a time for penitence and fasting and suggests austerity or frugality. It commemorates Christ's fasting in the wilderness between His baptism and beginning His earthly ministry.

Fasting in a strictly physical sense means abstaining from certain foods or all food in an attempt to help the body function more efficiently and remove harmful toxins. Fasting in a spiritual sense means giving up something we enjoy in order to focus on Jesus. I like to think of it as fasting from something we like to feast on the love of Jesus. Fasting is less about what we give up and more about what we gain. Either way it suggests a time to refocus on what is truly important in our lives and prepare for the celebration of His resurrection come Easter.

Master Your Mess

Heart Messes

Here at My Messy Desk this Lent we are going to practice that beautiful exchange in a slightly different way. We are going to master our heart messes in order to discover God's best for us. Here on the blog we will trade in some emotional, mental, and spiritual messes for the blessings found in God's promises and truths. Some of my friends and I will tackle topics like:

            Uncover Hidden Hurts to Find Jesus' Healing

            Cease Striving for Perfection and Embrace God's Holiness

            Reduce Rejection's Reign and Reclaim Your Rightful Place

            Trade Your Masks for God’s Masterpiece

            Calm Chaos and Hear More Clearly from God

            Stop Shortsighted Living and Start Living Eternally

Master Your Mess

But there are so many more heart messes that keep us from fully embracing the life God has blessed us with here on earth. So, we'll dive into 46 concepts that plague us in a Facebook group I created just for this special time. I hope you'll join us there! Each day you'll get some brief words of encouragement, additional resources, reflection questions, and a prayer for mastering one of the 46 messes. Don't worry, it's not too late to join!

Physical Messes

Also in that group, I'm challenging you to master some of your physical messes. I've created a list of 46 areas (1 for each day of Lent including Sundays) around our homes that likely need the clutter cleared. Scientists have been studying the effects of clutter on our mental and emotional health. And unless you're actually a creative type who thrives on a bit of chaos, the messes around your home aren't doing you any good at all!

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One word of caution before we begin…

We will touch on some serious issues in this study. In fact, almost all of the 46 messes I've listed can  may be rooted in physiology or lead to mental health issues if left untended. I do not want you to think I'm saying enough faith or proper prayers or strictly Scriptural salve are the only answers to any mental health issue. In some cases we must partner with mental health professionals to master our messes. You will not find any condemnation for that here, only support as you actively seek God's best for your life!


Discover God’s Best

The goal of this series is to put our hinderances behind us so we can fully embrace the fulfillment of all God's promises through Jesus come Easter Morning.

'For no matter how many promises God has made, they are 'Yes' in Christ.

And so through Him the 'Amen' is spoken by us to the glory of God.”

2 Corinthians 1:20

So you can be fully connected and get the most out of this series, join the Facebook group and follow the Master Your Mess board on Pinterest.

The best place to master any heart mess is on your knees!

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What are your biggest blessings busters?


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Master Your mess and Discover God

23 thoughts on “Master Your Mess & Discover God’s Best

  1. I love thinking about Lent as preparation for Easter in the way that Advent is preparation for Christmas, but I’m afraid that I don’t follow through on it as well. Thanks for leading this discussion about the messes and the blessing busters that Jesus died for — and rose again so He could deliver us from ourselves!

    1. Thanks, Michele! Follow through is not a unique challenge to you. I’m right there with you, but since I’m leading this charge, I don’t have much choice in the matter this year! Blessings!

      1. Just wanted you to know that I finished cleaning and organizing book cases yesterday . . .
        I wish I had time to just sit and look at them!
        One mess mastered–don’t want to think about how many more to go!

  2. I really like your simple explanation of what fasting is all about. I know there are definitely some messes I need to clean up right now. I always think of my own desk every time I see the title of your site! And right now it needs serious work. I’ve just finished a project and I know I won’t be very efficient with the next phase if I don’t get it organized.

  3. Great idea and a lot to tackle this Lenten season, hope you encourage and inspire many others to master their messes! I’m attempting a similar concept but going slower and trying to #BePresent among it all! Thanks Liz!

    1. It is a lot to tackle, but God has been so graciously providing words and inspiration and I hope wisdom to share! I love your series, too! So important! Blessings!

  4. What a beautiful idea. Can I use the word beautiful here? I think so because I see the heart behind it. It will be hard and messy in the process, but the heart behind it is so beautiful. Fantastic job friend!
    And this: “The best place to master any heart mess is on your knees!”

  5. The weather outside my window doesn’t indicate that it’s too early for sprint cleaning. The weather here in NC is a bit confused this last week. 🙂 I have the window beside my desk open. Such a nice spin with spring cleaning our hearts, not just our homes. I like that. 🙂 xoxo

    1. Glad you’re enjoying some good weather there! We had an unusually warm day this week, too. I long to enter Easter with a clean heart! Blessings, friend!

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