Mastering Our Messes Wrap Up

WOW! I learned so much as we worked on Mastering Our Messes during the Lenten Series! If you need to go back and review them, here are the ones my very special guests and I talked about for the last 6 Fridays. 

            Uncover Hidden Hurts to Find Jesus' Healing

            Cease Striving for Perfection and Embrace God's Holiness

            Reduce Rejection's Reign and Reclaim Your Rightful Place

            Trade Your Masks for God’s Masterpiece

            Calm Chaos and Hear More Clearly from God

            Stop Shortsighted Living and Start Living Eternally

I do hope you found yourself feeling less burdened Easter morning and the days after and I pray that same Spirit will sustain you in the weeks to come.

As I cleaned up a few of my physical messes I discovered some principles mirrored in the mastering of my heart messes. Here are the top ten similarities I discovered between the two.

Top 10 Truths About Mastering Our Messes

10. An organized mess is still a mess.

9. Memories are some of the hardest messes to master.

8. Just because a mess is hidden doesn't make it mastered.

7. Relocated isn’t mastered.

6. Mastering one mess may uncover another.

5. Old messes often obscure new masterpieces.

4. There is a treasure in every mastered mess, even if it's only blank space.

3. Only Satan profits from our messes.

2. Mining the messages in our messes leads to maturity.

1. Many messes require daily mastering (one look at my tupperware cabinet proves this).

But here is the truth we all need to embrace. Because of Jesus, there is no mess God won't master in His eternal kingdom.

The Key To Mastering Our Messes

I did a little bit of analysis on the 46 messes we covered in the private Facebook group during Lent (A big shout out to those ladies who hung in there with me!) and 14 of God's best blessings from the Bible. I drew lines from each mess to the blessings it kept us from enjoying.

For example, the mess of being obsessed with other people's opinions keeps us from fully enjoying God's blessings of peace, contentment, forgiveness, community, confidence, rest, joy, identity, and wisdom. As I was drawing the lines, I began to notice patterns. In the end, I discovered the three things God promises believers in the Bible most effected by our earthly messes are peace, community, and identity.

Mastering Our Messes

When I began this series, we set out to discover God's best as we mastered our messes. But now I wonder if perhaps we might be better served taking the opposite tactic. 

Embrace God’s Promises

What if we stopped viewing God's promises as rewards for mastering our messes and started using them as the method to master our messes? What if God's promises are actually the antidote for our mess-making? What if instead of spending so much time and effort trying to master our messes, we simply embraced God's best for us with hearts of gratitude?

Truly understanding what Jesus meant when He said He was leaving us with His peace, we would struggle less with messes like 'enough-ness,' unhealed past hurts, fear and worry, superwoman syndrome, excessive grief, and striving for perfection.

Living out God's plan for community properly, we might see fewer messes made by issues like comparison, rivalry, hidden sins, depression and mental illness, and a lack of accountability.

Fully comprehending our identity in Christ, we would wrestle less with things like rejection, obsession with other's opinions, regrets, idolatry, jealousy, insecurity, and shame.

Embracing God's promises protects us from life's messes.

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Free Gift

To help you with this, I created a printable gift to help you claim the truth of God's best for all of us as His Word promises. Post it prominently. Read them daily. Work at memorizing them. Embrace these promises and protect yourself from life's messes. Embracing these promises helps you become the Masterpiece God created you to be!

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20 thoughts on “Mastering Our Messes Wrap Up

  1. Visiting from Fueled by Faith link up. I am going to back and read the previous posts that go with this. We do end up in many “messes” in life, and if we only would look to the Lord and His plan consistently, He would help us through. Thank you for sharing this.

    1. He will always set us straight! Why then do I wait so long sometimes to seek Him in the midst of my messes… Ahhh…the fickle flesh! I hope you enjoyed the rest of the series, Cheryl! Blessings!

  2. And this mastering is probably an exercise we’d have to be continually diligent with until Jesus comes back! God help us! Thanks Liz for this series. Blessings to you.

  3. Liz,
    Love the Truth that God’s promises are methods to mastering our messes vs. rewards…so true. He doesn’t say, “Get your act together and then come see me.” He says, “Come as you are and we’ll work on this together.” Praise!!
    Bev xx

  4. This is great, Liz! I like the idea of focussing on God’s promises as a way of sorting out our messes. I think when we are secure in the truth it makes a big difference!

    1. Yes! Security is one of the 46 we covered in my small group and it does make so much of a difference in the way we live! Thanks for stopping by! Blessings!

  5. Liz, this series looks wonderful and I’ve just now found it. I’m bookmarking this post to read again in more detail and will share! I want to dive into your top 10! Those are pretty amazing insights. Thank you!

  6. Our messes come in all different forms, don’t they? This series has been a fun look at identifying and eradicating the messes in our lives. And, lovely insight on turning to His promises as a means rather than a reward. Thanks for sharing, friend. xoxo

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