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I’m excited to welcome Elicia Johnson to My Messy Desk as this month’s featured #MASTERPIECE! I think you’re really going to enjoy hearing about what she does with the skills and abilities God has given her.


Masterpiece Monday Plain Jane Flowers1) What special skills and abilities has God given you? How did you discover them? How are you using them to serve His creation?

I am a “creative type” so this answer changes with every season that goes by! Besides being a wife, homeschool mother, neighbor, friend and a wee bit of a hippie; I am a flower farmer. Coolest. Job. Ever! We have a small farm in Montana called Hardda Farm.

I grow cut flowers that I sell locally through the internet, events and farmer’s markets. While looking for ways to monetize our farm, I found an article about wholesale flower farming. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I can grow some of the most beautiful plants in creation, and people will pay me for them?! Yes please.

2) How do you ensure that you always give God the glory in your vocation?Masterpiece Monday Red Barn Family

In every aspect of life, our family tries to connect with people right where they’re at, constantly and sometimes subtly pointing to who God is and what he’s done. In every aspect of farming, it is easy for us to glorify God. For example, my dairy cow eats grass (cutest lawn mower ever!) and “magically” turns it into milk. Ruminants are the only contraption on earth that can take plant fiber and make it something fat-rich and nourishing like milk. And only our great Creator could make that happen. 

The trick, is relating to people who aren’t there yet. We start by building relationships, respecting the fact they’re a heart that God is pursuing regardless of what they currently believe and therefore do. It’s a beautiful challenge. In fact, we highly value seeing and creating beauty in everything, everyday.

3) What MESSY struggles have you overcome along the way?

I have a knock-down, drag-out battle with pride every day. In my past, I have been (usually unintentionally) rude and disagreeable when someone disagreed with me. Speaking the truth in love, wonderful believers have slowly helped me grow immensely in this area.

Today, I long to be a person of peace. By this, I mean my heart is drawn to people who are distanced from the church. I long to break down the walls between us. I still face temptation to be resentful, but only towards other believers/conservatives who act basically like I used to. I get so frustrated when Christians point fingers, look down upon and mistreat. What a wretched heart this Savior of mine has freed! Could you all pray that I would live like it?!

4) Do you have any special MEMORIES you call on when you need to boost your confidence?

Masterpiece Monday Plain Jane FlowersLast year, I was able to share love and free flowers with a Hindu woman at the market. Moments that reveal Jesus’ love crosses high/strong walls warm my heart forever.

Finally, despite my INFJ (introverted) weirdness, I got to know a two women from a very different background. The Spirit reminded me what He’s done for them and that made it worth it to be that person of peace. Now, those two women are dear friends and I have my eye out for more wonderfully different friends!

5) What is your definition of success in your area of expertise?

I would be satisfied to see my business, Plain Jane flowers, make a part-time income. If it grew to the point where it was a family effort and paid all of the bills, that would be a dream come true. For now, yearly success is growing and sharing beautiful blooms and staying in the black. So far, so good which is a major accomplishment for a young agricultural business.

Should we make full-time income from the farm, my husband and I would love to take on “farm interns” with the intention of discipling them.


Elicia Johnson is a traditional cooking, flower farming, cow milking, heritage loving, beauty seeking, tea-addicted wife, mom and Jesus-person. You can keep up with her and Plain Jane Flowers at the Hardda Farm blog. ( You can also connect with Elicia here:



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