A Woman’s Worth – More Than I Can Be

I grew up in an era where the Army’s recruiting slogan was “Be All You Can Be.”

More Than I Can BeIt was catchy and motivating and it lured me into feeling like I could do just about anything. It wasn’t the only factor that made me want to join the Army. I also had a strong sense of duty and patriotism. A visit to West Point when I was a freckle faced eight year old with a bowl-shaped hair cut pretty much sealed the deal.

The idea that I could do anything appealed to me. So, I went to USMA and joined the Army and, at the risk of sounding prideful, I was pretty good at it. Their rewards system fed my never satisfied pride. The idea that I was a part of something bigger than myself inspired me to do all I could do for the cause.

The world sends us all similar messages. Be more. Do more. Achieve more. You can have it all. Chase your dreams. You can do it!

You Can’t Do It All

Trying to be all I can be has been the source of a whole lot of angst in my life. In hindsight, I can see how I had wrapped up so much of my worth in being the best Army Officer I could possibly be that I lost sight of who God created me to be. In all my working and striving and stressing over evaluations and ratings and awards, I lost sight of how good God already said I was.

Uncle Sam may have challenged me to be all I could be, but God calls me to simply be who He made me – which may be even more challenging after all.

All too often I think our search for significance drives us to desire being more than we were created to be. But that’s pride talking.

Pride tries to prove we can be whatever we want, but humility honors who God created us to be.

Pride tries to prove we can be whatever we want, but humility honors who God created us to be. #AWomansWorth Click To Tweet

Sometimes I conquer a new challenge, but the strain and stress of accomplishing it leave me feeling more drained than victorious. Just because we might be able to doesn’t always mean we should.

Knowing my limitations lightens my load.

God didn’t create us to meet every need. He formed us to accomplish the good works He uniquely designed and prepared each of us to do. I cannot do it all. And neither can you. God didn’t design us that way. I can only be who He designed me to be. If we all did exactly what He created us to do, I think we’d start to see a little bit of heaven right here on earth. Because instead to trying to do everything on our own, we’d start to value each other’s talents and begin accomplishing kingdom work together.

Leveraging our unique gifts creates the kind of community that is stronger together.

More Than I Can Be

More Than I Can BeTogether we are better than we could ever be on our own. When we try to take on tasks God didn’t design us for, we start to devalue His MASTERPIECE.

The artist creates a work of art to convey a message, to evoke an emotion, to force a feeling. The painting itself does nothing. It simply hangs on the wall doing what the Creator meant for it to do. A portrait doesn’t try to be a landscape any more than an abstract rendering attempts to be a religious icon.

May this be true for me as well. I want to do only what the Master meant me to do. I long to carry only the message He wrote into my being. I hope to help people feel His love for them.

Pride lures us into being all we can be all we can be, but humility helps us find our worth in being exactly who God created us to be. I am worth more than I can be on my own when I stop striving to do it all and recognize the unique value of being exactly who God created me to be.

I am worth more than I can be on my own when I recognize the unique value of being exactly who God created me to be. #AWomansWorth Click To Tweet

In what areas have you been striving for more? Together we can stop struggling to be all we can be and start seeing the value of being who God says we are.

“Woe to those who quarrel with their Maker, those who are nothing but potsherds among the potsherds on the ground. Does the clay say to the potter, ‘What are you making?’ Does your work say, ‘The potter has no hands?’”

Isaiah 45:9

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18 thoughts on “A Woman’s Worth – More Than I Can Be

  1. “Just because I’m able to doesn’t mean I should.” Ouch! I felt someone stepping on my toes right there! LOL Great message for those of us who have fallen into a pattern of striving. Love this!

  2. Thanks for sharing this very insightful and edifying post.

    I loved your comment that we are not created to do everything, but only the works that God has already prepared beforehand for us to do which works are to be done in His strength alone.

    Thank you for your sacrifice to our country.


    1. Thank you, Karen! You’re so right about doing those good works in His strength…I can even make a MESS of doing the right thing!! Blessings!

  3. Great reminder for me today! You always speak to my heart, Liz. I too strive to do everything and fall into the same trap of accomplishing (being all I can be) and forgetting to rest in who He made me. Thankful for your words!

  4. I love this! you are so right! We can’t do it all… well, at least I cant! It took me a long time to be ok with that and to know that I had to sacrifice some things I wanted to go after what God wanted. It’s not easy, but it’s so worth it.

  5. Good, good word, Liz. I’m in a similar classroom as well. When those “lessons” sink in, life changes, doesn’t it? Loved your ditty above about God’s call to be all He made us to be vs the Army’s be all you can be. #chasingcimmunity

  6. I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so I definitely find it more difficult to just be who God made me to be than to achieve things. Thanks for the encouragement to stop striving to do it all!

    1. Yes, yes, yes!! I’m with you Shannon! It is a struggle to let go of those perfectionist tendencies, but so worth it to live in the freedom of God’s grace! Blessings!

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