A Woman’s Worth: More Than My Treasures

When my friend and fellow blogger launches a book called Worthy: Believe Who God Says You Are in the midst of my series on A Woman’s WorthI’m definitely going to share it and her with you! Meet Becky Hasting from My Ink Dance. I’m thrilled she was willing to share Day 19 of her 20 day devotional to discovering your eternal worth.


Look around you. What do you see? At the moment you are looking at a screen, but beyond that you have things…a home, car, clothes, jewelry, food. Have you ever wished for more? I know I have.

It’s easy to think that we will be better, more valuable, when we have better things. But what if it isn’t about the things we have? This excerpt from Worthy: Believe Who God Says You Are reminds you of more than the treasures you have. It reminds us of the treasure you are.


Day 19: Value in the Unseen

A Woman's Worth More than My TreasuresHow many items are in your house? 100? 1000? 10,000? Too many to count? How about just in your kitchen or your dresser?

I have a drawer in my nightstand. I keep some journals and a few special things in there. I have spent less and less time with those treasures lately, and the drawer showed it.

When I finally decided it was time to clean it out I found old batteries mixed with old love notes, old pictures mixed with old receipts. Cleaning it out only took fifteen minutes or so, and as I did I found socks.

Now, before you start thinking more junk that doesn’t belong, these were not just any socks. They were a first pair of socks for my oldest daughter. Their smallness took my breath and I held them reveling in twelve years of yesterdays.

Those socks may be just a thing, but to me they were a reminder of a person, a feeling, a time.

Our lives are full of things: drawers stuffed with hope in all that we can touch. As if the ability to wrap our fingers around something makes it valuable.

Those socks were no more valuable than the dead batteries, but to me they brought back memories of the things that really mattered.

We collect and store and buy to have all we need, but would you rather have everything you need for five minutes or for a lifetime?

If I put my worth in all that I have, I will never be worth enough. #awomansworth @myinkdance Click To Tweet

The value of something is not in our ability to touch it, rather in our inability. If I put my worth in all that I have, I will never be worth enough. We are more than the things we fill our home with. We are more than the objects we cushion our lives with. We are about all that is unseen.






It’s time we stop putting all our eggs in that basket we just had to have. The eggs and the basket are just more things. We are worth more than the things that surround us. It just depends on where we put our hope.

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Take Action

At the end of each of Becky’s daily devotionals, she includes a Verse, a practical Action Step, and a Prayer.

The Action Step for Day 19 is: Find something you treasure. Yes, an object. Now think about what it is you really value about it. Does it remind you of a special time or a special person? was it something you worked hard for or nearly lost? Think about the bigger picture of why you value it. God looks at you with even more fondness and value. 

I challenge you to share your special treasure in the comments below!


Dear Father, I want so much to believe in how You see me, God. I want to believe in my value, my worth, not because of what I am on the outside or what I do in this world, but because of who You made me to be and how very much You love me. Amen.


If you liked this sample of Becky’s book, Worthy: Believe Who God Says You Are, I hope you’ll head on over to Amazon and pick up your own copy.

*This is an affiliate link. That means if you click on the link and purchase the book I will receive some money in return. I will reinvest that money in the upkeep and management of My Messy Desk both here on line and in real life.

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Becky Hastings Bio

Becky believes in embracing grace in the messy real of life. At My Ink Dance, she captures hard, uncomfortable, often unspoken feelings and brings light, honesty and God’s truth to them in a relatable way. Becky is a wife and mother of three in Connecticut writing imperfect and finding faith along the way.

Website: My Ink Dance – http://www.myinkdance.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/MyInkDance

Twitter: http://twitter.com/MyInkDance


A Woman's Worth More Than My Treasures


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18 thoughts on “A Woman’s Worth: More Than My Treasures

  1. Congratulations on your launch, Becky! I’m a keeper of many things, and I realize the treasure is in the big picture, not the things themselves. Liz, I am sharing this post on Facebook and Twitter. Visiting from #mondaymusings.

  2. Beautiful, Becky. <3 — I'm sentimental about anything that has to do with my kids. Most of my treasures are things that have to do with my children and my marriage. I, too, have some itty-bitty socks. 🙂 Probably the cards they've given me are among my most valued possessions. We are blessed. 🙂 Thank you, friends. Love y'all. ((hug))

  3. ” We are worth more than the things that surround us.” Yes! I like a cozy home with pretty things but they can’t compare to what is most valuable- love, faith, intimacy with others, joy, gratitude…… Thanks for sharing!

  4. Indeed we are worthy. I like a tidy kitchen is. At to much to ask for yet often time so lose my cool or lose focus when it’s not. Thanks for sharing some of the Worthy devotional.

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