More Wonderful Than Christmas?

Can there be anything more WONDERful than Christmas?

If you’ve been around here a while, you know my theme for 2019 has been WONDER. We have looked at the WONDER of what God has done with some powerful testimonies from people around the world and we have WONDERed together at the truth of Scripture. 

But, can there be anything more WONDERful than Christmas?

This time of year it seems not. After all, it’s the most wonderful time of the year, isn’t it? Lights. Trees. Inflatables. Parties. Gifts. Music fills the air.

But, the real wonder is that Jesus (Emmanuel—God with us) is God. And our God chose to humble Himself in human form, to be born of a virgin by the power of the Holy Spirit. That He would enter the world in the normal way and the most basic of circumstances. The pomp and circumstance we experience on December 25th was no where to be seen the day Christ was born. Oh sure, we romanticize visits by the Three Kings bearing gifts guided by a star and The Little Drummer Boy performing for Jesus with all he had, but they came later. 

Much like the birth of any baby, Jesus birth was likely all about Him. As His first cry silenced His mother’s labor pains, His father stood by in awe and wonder at the miracle of birth. His Heavenly Father’s presence palpable. But there was likely no special celebration. No blue cigars or fancy birth announcements mailed to family. No photos of the happy family at all. Perhaps only the baaing of a sheep or the mooing of a cow to accompany the most joyous event in history. 

Yet, Mary treasured the wonder in her heart.

Jesus chose to live among us knowing everything about us. Knowing the sin that clings to my flesh, the sin my heart would desire, and the sin my mind would weigh against His Word. All too aware of the temptations I would give in to and the callings I would crumble under. The wrong I would do and the right I would leave undone. The thoughts, words, and deeds I would think, say, and do even when I don’t want to. But…

He. Came. Anyway.

But His coming isn’t the whole story.

Jesus didn’t come to earth just to live with us. 

He came to save us.

Having full knowledge of the price He would pay for my sin.

And yours.

His birth was no afterthought. Neither was His death or resurrection. But so often we reduce the wonder of Jesus to an afterthought in our own lives. Because truly, if we aren’t putting Him first in all things, He has become something we think about after. After we’ve wrapped the gifts and placed them under the tree. After we’ve cleaned the house and cooked the ham. We thank Him after the festivities and celebrations. After we catch our breath. We think about Him after we find ourselves in trouble. We cry out to Him after the crisis, the tough diagnosis, or our children wander from the faith we raised them to know.

But He is never after. 

He is before. 

And with. 

And for eternity. 

Never after.

He is the Alpha & Omega.

Because Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection isn’t the whole picture. We need to look to the cradle, the cross, and the crown to see the whole story of God’s glory. He is coming back. And because He is we ought to live in a constant state of Advent. Waiting. Watching. Praising. Praising. Hoping.

More Wonderful Than Christmas

This Christmas, my hope is that you are filled with the WONDER of what God has done, the lengths to which He went to save you for Himself, the full extent of His love for you. That these things would be your first thoughts. That thoughts of Jesus would come before everything else and be intertwined throughout all your celebrations. And that you would approach 2020 with that same sense of wonder knowing Jesus’ second coming will be even more WONDERful than Christmas.

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What could be more wonderful than Christmas?

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