Craft Tutorial – Motivational MASTERPIECE

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Last Friday we talked about making a plan to move toward becoming the MASTERPIECE God created us to be and I promised you a tutorial for creating a visual reminder of the goals you set.

Science proves that what the brain visualizes it is more likely to accomplish. God created our brains to function this way. So why not tap into that incredible resource as we strive to become the MASTERPIECES He created us to be?

This month’s tutorial is one of my all-time favorite workshops. Here are the steps to create your very own Motivational MASTERPIECE – a visual reminder of what you hope to achieve and who you hope to become this year.

What you need:

  •      Magazines (3-4 should be sufficient)
  •      Poster Board, Manilla File Folders, index cards, or this year’s calendar (see Step 3 to decide which)
  •      Paper Cutter / Scissors
  •      Glue Stick / Tape Runner
  •      Optional Embellishments (pretty paper, letters, stickers, jewels, glitter glue, ribbons, etc.)

What to do:

1.Pick out pictures, words, or verses that embody your vision for the year. Once you’ve done the heart work, trust God to lead you toward the right images. I like to call this “flip and rip.” Magazines ready for recycle are great for this. You simply flip through the pages and tear our anything that creates an emotional response. Don’t give it very much thought at all. Just flip and rip. Make a pile. When you feel like you have found pictures or words that cover all your intentions (or you run out of magazines) you can move on to the next step. It can be fun to cut letters out from different fonts to create certain words you want to highlight.

If for some reason you are missing a word or a verse or a picture that God has specifically laid on your heart, you can always print it from your computer or hand write it. Google key words, their synonyms, or phrases and then look at the resulting images to find inspiration. Copy, paste, and print.

2.Prune. Sort all your pictures into categories based on your priorities. You can flip back to last week’s post to see what I’m talking about. Set aside anything you ripped out that doesn’t fit with the vision and priorities God has given you. Trim the remaining images so that only the portion you really need remains from what you ripped from the magazines.

Note that all 10 questions were meant to guide you toward what you want in 2017, not what you don’t. Visualizing what you want to cut out of your life, doesn’t have the same impact as seeing what you hope to incorporate. If you have pictures of things you’re hoping to remove from your life, I’d challenge you to purge those and select something that have a positive impact instead. Think loaf of greasy cheeseburger with a big red X drawn over it versus a vibrantly colored salad. I mean, how much motivation would you find in a board that only told you what you couldn’t have or couldn’t do or could eat. My guess is you’d quit even looking at it after about three days.

You want to create a board that motivates you to achieve your goals so that you can remember what your plan was for moving toward your MASTERPIECE. All. Year. Long.

3. Prepare the Picture. This is the fun part. Now you get to lay out all the pictures and make a pretty visual guide that will keep your brain focused on your MASTERPIECE goals for the year.

    • You could make a flat poster that you hang on a wall or you can make an accordion fold version that is free standing on a table top. You can cut the poster board into a shape that suits you.
    • You could make a free-standing motivational MASTERPIECE  by attaching file folders together. Cut off the tabs at the top of 2 or 3 (depending on your number of photos) and then tape the insides together. Tape or glue your images to the folders. I recommend not placing any images across the folds, as they may tear.


    • You could make mini vignettes on un-lined 3×5 cards. Simply attach your images with double sided tape or glue stick to both sides. Laminate. Punch holes in a corner. Place the cards on a ring. You could hang this style inside your purse for on the go motivation.
    • My friend Tracy even had the idea to buy a calendar for 2017 and paste your own images over the large picture at the top. Genius!
    • Next, you will decide if you want to randomly attach your images or if you want to let you OCD shine through by creating sections by priority or category. I even had one friend sort her images by color. Play with the placement of the pictures before you start attaching them so you can be sure to get them just where you want them. Some images my overlap – that’s OK. If they hang over the edge, you can always trim them. Just be sure to place them so the main part of your image will still be visible.
    • The final step is to add embellishments to personalize your creation. Use items that make you smile and motivate you to keep looking at your goals. Buttons, ribbon, glitter (!), jewels… whatever makes you happy!

3. Post Prominently. The idea is to look at your board daily to allow your brain to really focus on these images so it can motivate you to make decisions in accordance with your prioritized plan for becoming the MASTERPIECE God created you to be this year! Once, I posted mine in our master bathroom thinking I would have the opportunity to actually be alone and look at it at least once or twice a day. The year I made an accordion fold version, I enjoyed being able to have it on the table behind the couch in our TV room so I could look at it often throughout the day, share it with friends, and take it with me.

I’d love to see what you create! Share photos with me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #MotivationalMASTERPIECE.

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