Can You Really Smell God

Can You Really Smell God?

Can You Smell God? God gave us our sense of smell, but can you actually smell God? He designed us to use it to interpret the world around us, communicate without words, recall memories, and experience Him on a deeper level. God filled His creation with scents, both pleasant and putrid. Our sense of smell […]

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Word Nerd Wednesday – Feast of Pentecost

My friend Sherry Stahl, from Soul H2O, joins us again this week as we continue our Word Nerd Wednesday series on the Feasts of the Bible with Pentecost. ********* PENTECOST: The Feast of Many Names For this Word Nerd Wednesday Series on the Jewish Feasts, Liz asked me to provide a detailed account for the […]

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Practice God's Presence

4 Practical Ways to Practice God’s Presence

As we continue our series on experiencing God through the five senses He gave us, today we’re talking about some practical ways we can practice God’s presence in our our lives; things we can do to feel His presence. ********* There have been times in my life when God felt pretty far away. And I’m […]

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Word Nerd Wednesday Feast of Firstfruits

Word Nerd Wednesday – Firstfruits

I’m excited to be sharing what I’ve learned about the Feast of Firstfruits today as we continue our Word Nerd Wednesday series on the Levitical Feasts. ********* Feast of Firstfruits Commanded by God The name of book of Leviticus comes from the tribe of Levi, the tribe from which Israelite priests came. It is full […]

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Feeling God 5 senses touch

Feeling God When You Can’t Touch Him

Though we cannot touch the sun, or even look at it directly without risking damage to our eyes, we can feel the warmth it radiates. Likewise, we cannot touch God, but we can certainly feel Him. In Scripture, the Holy Spirit is often depicted as fire. We may not be able to touch Him, but […]

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Unleavened Bread Karen Smith Word Nerd Wednesday

Word Nerd Wednesday – Unleavened Bread

Please welcome Karen Smith from, Glimpses of Faith and Struggles, for this week’s edition of Word Nerd Wednesday as she looks at the history and profound significance of something so seemingly simple – unleavened bread. ********* Unleavened Bread Unleavened is an adjective.  Adjectives describe.  They answer questions such as what kind, which one, how many, […]

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