Word Nerd Wednesday Hallowed Kathie Harris

Word Nerd Wednesday – Hallowed

As we continue on with our Word Nerd Wednesday series on The Lord’s Prayer, Kathie Harris, joins us this week to discuss what it means that Our Father in heaven is hallowed. ********* Hallowed Hallowed (past tense of hallow): to honor as holy; to make holy; consecrate; greatly revered or respected. “Our Father, who art […]

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Word Nerd Wednesday Heaven Donna Hoover

Word Nerd Wednesday – Heaven

This week, Donna Hoover continues our our Word Nerd Wednesday series on The Lord’s Prayer with this great discussion about God’s dwelling place and our eternal home – heaven. ********* heav·en (noun) 1 : the expanse of space that seems to be over the earth like a dome : firmament —usually used in plural ·the […]

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Word Nerd Wednesday Father

Word Nerd Wednesday – Father

Please welcome Katie M. Reid to My Messy Desk as she kicks off our next series on The Lord’s Prayer beginning with–Father, for this week’s edition of Word Nerd Wednesday. ********* Father. That word can conjure up a wide-range of emotions. For some, it stirs up happy memories, for others, it triggers pain…and for some, […]

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Do They Smell Fear or Faith on You?

Alright, I think this is the last post on using our sense of smell to experience God, but I’ve been wrong before. When we check our scent, it is important consider if others smell fear or faith on us, because how we smell may be contagious. ********* Can You Smell Fear? For the last couple […]

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Word Nerd Wednesday Prayer Susan B. Mead

Word Nerd Wednesday – Prayer

My friend Susan B. Mead is taking our transition from Feasts to The Lord’s Prayer by tackling this often used word, prayer, for this week’s Word Nerd Wednesday. ********* What Is Prayer? Prayer is solemn request for help, an expression of thanks, an invocation or an act that seeks to activate a rapport with God through […]

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Spiritually Noseblind

7 Strategies to Keep from Going Spiritually Noseblind

A popular home fragrance company is famous for their slogan – Don’t Go Noseblind. But did you know this is an actual scientific phenomenon? And I think we can become spiritually noseblind, too. ********* Desensitized to Smell When a Jonah Moment (that’s what I affectionately call times God uses Military Orders to get me places […]

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