Making the Best of a Political Mess

It was a MESSY election season.

Everything, from the primaries to the debates and from the news to social media, was fraught with discontent and divisive conversations that left relationships shattered.

making-the-best-of-a-political-messMr. Trump is our new president. Like it or not, he will be sworn in on January 20th. Perhaps not everyone in your circle of influence voted for him. Maybe your own family was divided. There’s a good chance you were conflicted, too.

But it’s over now.

Today, we have to deal with what is.

How do we move forward as a country knowing that nearly half our population voted for someone else?

How can we continue to call ourselves the United States when we are so obviously divided?

To restore unity to our country we reflect, remember, and repair.

To restore unity to our country we reflect, remember, and repair. Click To Tweet


Take a moment to consider all that you learned during the last year, about yourself and your neighbors. How can you use this knowledge to build up, rather than tear down those who are important to you? I’m not suggesting you compromise your values or veer from truth. Simply consider how you were challenged and recognize opportunities to minister to those in your circle of influence based on your observations.

There is no perfect candidate. Because there are no perfect people.

Perhaps those who voted differently than you simply found some aspects of your candidate’s character more intolerable than others.The political party system was designed to highlight our differences and provide us options for elections, not divide us as a Nation.

Reflection makes way for growth and healing.

Reflection makes way for growth and healing. Click To Tweet


We must never forget the fact that God is our supreme ruler. He alone is sovereign. The president is not God.  We have a responsibility to pray for those governing authorities appointed and elected to rule over us.

We must also remember that God is for us. He loves us. He has not abandoned us, nor will He ever. And He is more than able to use whomever our elected officials are for His good purposes.

We humans chose earthly rulers over eternal rule.

When the Israelites demanded a king, they failed to recognize that God wanted to fill that role for His people. But they thought they would be more powerful and relevant with an earthly ruler, like the other inhabitants of Canaan. They sought security in an earthly king, rejecting God’s supreme rule. They selected their first king on human preferences and premises. Saul was not the one God would have chosen, but He used Saul’s inadequacies to highlight the Israelite’s true need. God warned Israel of the corruption of the crown that would ensue when worn by a human. And we continue to feel the repercussions of that today.

Remember who reigns eternally.

Remember who reigns eternally. Click To Tweet


Healing our country must begin with individuals. It is not the responsibility of the politicians or the media to repair damage done to our relationships, no matter the role they may have played in inflicting the wounds. We can exercise empathy toward others in this country and respect the experiences that led them to their personal political convictions. We can understand that the prioritization of particular issues doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of interest in the others. Then we can be compassionate by valuing them as part of God’s beloved creation, regardless of whether or not we see eye to eye on every issue. Our diversity doesn’t have to divide us. In fact honoring it was once seen as our greatest strength.

The “we” God unites goes beyond our friends, family, community, or city and extends well past the borders of our country. God is creator of the entire universe, not just our little corner. He alone restores the brokenness in and between us.

As His people, Christians have a duty and responsibility to represent Him well in all our affairs. His Word admonishes us to live in peace with each other as much as is possible. We only have this one life. This one world. Let’s invest our energy in loving each other despite our differences.

Repair broken relationships through the empathy and compassion shown by Christ.

Repair broken relationships through the empathy and compassion shown by Christ. Click To Tweet

No matter whether you view the election results as a test, trial, or triumph, the truth is it’s a temporary condition. In order to promote unity we must rally around a force that transcends the President’s term of office.

When we don’t put our eternity first, security, prosperity, and morality won’t last. Only recognizing God as our eternal ruler will bring the peace and unity we so desperately long for here on Earth.

What would our lives be like, if we all pledged allegiance to The King?

What would our lives be like, if we all pledged allegiance to The King? Click To Tweet

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16 thoughts on “Making the Best of a Political Mess

    1. Thanks, friend! This was written before any of the results came in and before I witnessed the escalation of hatred after the decision. But all that just proved more the need to have God as our King. XO

  1. I appreciate this so much, Liz. Having read your bio, I can’t help but wonder how your perspective has been influenced by your military experience … your words reflect a stability that I find very refreshing right now! Many blessings to you this Thanksgiving season. 🙂

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