(re)Designing the Dream

Once we get good at laying down the dream, it gets a lot easier to allow God to transform our ideas to match His own.

What My Messy Desk is today is a far cry from the way the dream began. Who knows what it will look like when it’s all said and done?

I thought I’d have a nice little business selling hand crafted items that I would run according to Christian principles to glorify God. But I didn’t really begin to scratch the surface of understanding what that meant back then. I just set that as my purpose. That was the definition of worthy work for me. It would validate what otherwise seemed fairly frivolous after a decade of serving in the Army.

But then God…

He shook my dream up. He changed it all around. He refined my plan. And He continues to (re)Design the dream.

At first it was hard to navigate all the changes He was making. I often felt as though I was going to stub my toe on some heavy piece of furniture He’d moved to the middle of what I once used as a hallway. I’d plan to do one thing and He’d direct me toward something else. Something I didn’t even know was part of the dream. I’d plan to go one direction and He’d spin me around and shove me toward something else. I’d plan to craft with paper and scissors and then He’d have me creating with words. I’d plan to gather women to paint or string beads and He’d have us comforting and encouraging one another. I’d plan to talk and He’d close my mouth and open my ears. I moved through my dream cautiously and a little bit afraid.

But I’ve learned that it is so much better this way. His way. He has been (re)Designing and refining my dream for nearly 6 years now and it just keeps getting better. He has added rooms and removed walls. He has created order where I thought a MESS was best. He has rounded rough edges and made the floorpan flow better.

You see, God knows best. Even when we disagree. Click To Tweet

You see, God knows best. Even when we disagree. His thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways. Just like the heavens are higher than the earth, His ways and thoughts are higher than ours (Isaiah 55:8-9). We don’t always understand them, but we can trust Him with our dreams because we can trust Him with our eternity.

Jesus’ friend and disciple, Peter, thought He had God’s plan figured out. He, like most of the Jews, expected the Messiah to come in and free them from Roman oppression. They thought He would be the next King of Israel. So when He started teaching about His death, Peter was indignant. He thought the plan was taking a wrong turn and was willing to fight to protect what he assumed was the right way. But Jesus. He knew His Father’s way was best. We now know that was the only way.

When God MESSES with our plans and dreams we do well to let Him have His way.

Our dreams may go through multiple (re)Designs. It doesn’t mean they were wrong. It just means God has something better in store for us. And wanting what God wants for us more than what we want for ourselves is a sign of spiritual maturity. Stubbornly refusing to submit to God’s (re)Design of our dreams is a dangerous road to travel.

Instead of stubbornly refusing the (re)Design, let’s simply submit to God’s superior specifications.

Instead of stubbornly refusing the (re)Design, let’s simply submit to God’s superior specifications. Click To Tweet

Far be it for me to stand in His way.


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25 thoughts on “(re)Designing the Dream

  1. Love this post, Liz. The title, the topic, the humor … your transparency and openness to God’s moving in your life … a beautiful example of “wanting what God wants for us more than what we want for ourselves.” Thank you for this encouragement today! Visiting from the linkups.

    1. That phrase keeps coming up more and more in many areas of my life lately, Dianne! I think He is really trying to get my attention! Blessings!

  2. HA- Liz! I had this open in a tab to read after someone else’s post…the other post just sent me a couch in the hallway I’m stubbing my toe on! Things the Lord is rearranging and asking me to follow Him in but I’m clumsy and nervous. So, this is super timely. Thank you. Toe soothed. Perspective corrected. His specifications are so much better- and He offers support as we adjust and obey!

  3. Great post, Liz! I have also learning in His redesigning of my dream that He is honing me for a purpose…walking me through one thing to prepare me for the next. In the end it doesn’t look much like it did when I started, but so much better! Love what He has done with you!!

  4. Liz. What a powerful and “spot on” way the Lord “messes” with us. I wonder sometimes if left alone where would I be? I’m so glad He messes with my plans, my to-do list and so much more. Better to stub my toe on His path than the other alternative. Stepping out of His will always, always, (did I say always?) hurts.

    1. Oh, man, Christine! I got a taste of where I’d be if left to my own devices in my twenties… and it was far from pretty! I’m so much better off with God messing with me! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. This has been a fantastic series, Liz. Yes, best to let God have His way. Sometimes we don’t understand, and that can be hard. When we have it settled in our hearts that God is good, so good. Then we begin to trust him even when things don’t look good at the time.

  6. Love your dream posts here, Liz. Yes, it’s better to submit to God’s redesign than to cling to our own ideas. I was remembering how last summer when I came back to Izmir, I thought God wanted me to start a women’s ministry (as in, a Bible study/discipleship group). What He wanted me to do instead was 1) disciple my own daughter 2) adopt a college girl 3) meet with women one-on-one to encourage them. It’s women’s ministry, all right! Just different than what I expected. 🙂

    1. Oh, Betsy! I love it when we see God at work in our dreams, even if they don’t look like we thought they would… There is a post in this series coming up that I think you’ll love! Blessings, my sweet friend! XO

  7. I love this! Your heart is so open and real and easy to relate to! I’m fantastic at thinking I have the plan, and when things change I get a bit…..irritated. But submitting to God each time shows me that the dream was never the point. Thanks for the reminder today!

    1. You and me both on that irritation piece! LOL But it’s so much better when I get over myself and get on with His plans! Blessings, my friend!

  8. Six years, Liz. Wow! I bet there has been a lot of refining and re-designing going on. I’ve only been writing publicly for a little over 2 years and He’s taken me through many evolutions, so I can imagine He’s done so for you in 6 years. How fun to watch God work in ways we didn’t expect. And, I like how you word it — ” we do well to let Him have His way.” 🙂 Loved reading a little of your history at the Messy Desk, friend. So glad we crossed paths in internet-land. ((xoxo))

    1. Even though I know He knows best, it can still be challenging to fall in line with His plan when I can’t see the finished product! Blessings to you and your dreams, Naomi!

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