Rustic Hope: The Wonder of What God Has Done

I just know you’re going to be as blown away as I was by the wonders of what God has done with this pregnancy support system, Rustic Hope.

In January, I had the great privilege of participating in an Elevate event hosted by The MountainMovers Podcast. I traveled up to Dayton with my dear friend Erica and met her partner Katie. My intent was to do some writing while they interviewed several new guests for their show. The weekend was going to be part writing retreat, part inspiring social event. But as I tiptoed through the dining room as they began their first interview, what I heard stopped me dead in my tracks. 

Rustic Hope Founder Connie
Erica, Connie, and Katie.

Rustic Hope

Connie, the founder of Rustic Hope, had barely just been introduced and already the wonders of what God had done in and through her poured out of her mouth. Tears streamed down my cheeks as I silently slid a chair out from under the table and sat down. A gifted story-teller, Connie is honest and very real as she shares what happened when she went to pray at an abortion clinic. 

The ministry God continues to build through her is nothing short of miraculous. Her tale includes feelings of inadequacy countered by God’s provision, heart-wrenching tragedy and soul-stirring triumph, angst and amazement! Connie, who has 8 children of her own, listened to God’s call to support young, single, pregnant women by inviting them to live with her. Not only that, but she also helps them until they have the necessary resources to support themselves and their children. 

I’m going to share with you one story Connie related during her interview. But what I really want you to do is go listen to this whole inspiring podcast. Follow The MountainMovers on Podbean or iTunes and Facebook. Follow Rustic Hope and support them as God inspires you.

The following is from Episode 23:

What if your PURPOSE involved supporting babies and their mamas?

“It’s Wednesday. That means it’s killing day.” 

I was kind of taken aback. “Every single person you see walk through the door is here for an abortion.” 

“15 Women came in that one hour. Some were very visibly pregnant. They didn’t look like I thought they would. They looked scared and they looked like me, like my sister, my friend. Not one of them looked like they wanted to be there. Hoodies pulled down, sunglasses. It was the first time in my life I had put myself in their shoes and I felt such empathy for them. 

Before that my whole pro-life journey had always been about the babies. 

When I left there, I got in my van and I realized I had not said one prayer in the whole hour I was there. I felt so blown away. These women went in there pregnant and they would be leaving out the front door as their babies exited out the back door. So I prayed like I had never prayed in my life before. And I asked God to just use me to be a better option. The women I had seen were going through with this because for whatever reason, they thought it was their best option. I didn’t know what I was praying for. And that’s a scary prayer.”

After much more prayer, Connie felt called to open their home to these women, hoping “if they had a better support system, some of them might choose life.” 

Her faith that God would take care of the details is astounding and her willingness to just be willing to do whatever God showed her is inspiring.

What God is Doing with Rustic Hope

With her husband’s consent, provided it didn’t cost him any money, Connie began Rustic Hope. In their home way out in the country, that is exactly what she is giving these women. Hope. She says, “If a mom wants to raise her children, I want her to know she can do and we will help. We can teach her what she needs to be taught and be that support system for her.” 

Connie, who barely balances her own checkbook and just wanted to rock babies, soon discovered the enormous legalities of becoming a non-profit organization. But God provided a lawyer to take care of all the necessary paperwork pro bono. She took that as God’s first sign she was on the right track. She has been watching Him work similar miracles ever since.

Connie’s expectation was that they might take one or two girls into their home, but from the establishment of a free community closet, to parenting education, and the recent donation of a new building, God has been replacing her expectations with with extravagant examples of His power and glory.

Listen to More Rustic Hope

Listen to the rest of her amazing story HERE and follow Rustic Hope on Facebook to see how God has continued to provide for young single moms through Connie’s steps of faithful obedience. The wonder of what God can do in and through one woman to impact an entire community is written all over this story!

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Rustic Hope: The Wonder of What God has Done

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  1. Connie is amazing she has filled our hearts with so much joy with the help she has given our family we love her and how amazing she is she was there for our family when no one else was she helped us get threw some hard times but with God and the love he showed threw connie we were over joyed we love u connie

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