Scripture Memorization Cards

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I’ve had the great pleasure of collaborating on a craft project with deeper meaning alongside two fantastic friends. So, that means a little bonus content for you this week!

Jana at Sweet to the Soul Ministries makes some lovely graphics and a beautiful journal to help you dig deeply into scripture and Stephanie over at REAL Women Ministries is working to encourage her readers to memorize scripture this year. I combined both of their initiatives and birthed a plan!

Memorizing scripture, though something I am admittedly poor at, is so very important.

I don’t know about you, but rarely does a situation requiring a passage of Scripture arise when I actually have my bible open in my lap to search for my favorite highlighted verses. When a friend needs a little encouraging truth, I don’t have time to stop and look one up in my bible app. When I begin to lose my cool, I usually don’t feel like doing a topical search in a concordance to come up with just the right verse to set things straight.

Truth must be deeply embedded in my mind when I need to bring it to my lips.

But who has time?

I’ve seen recommendations to put post it notes with scriptures on them inside your cabinet doors or on your mirrors. Perhaps I don’t linger in those places as long as you do, but my mind is often not set on things above when I’m searching the kitchen for the baking dish I need or splashing on some mascara before racing out the door for the day.

My time comes when I’m in the pick up or drop off lines waiting on my kids, waiting on the doctor’s appointment I was fifteen minutes early for, or in the express lane at the grocery store with a shopper in line ahead of me who has certainly exceeded the maximum number of items allowed… Can you relate?

But in those places I generally don’t have my bible handy.

So, how can we maximize our moments spent waiting?

With Printable Scripture Memorization Rings….

Follow me over to Soul Deep Ministries for step by step instructions to create this great tool for yourself!

11 imagine the possibilities


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2 thoughts on “Scripture Memorization Cards

  1. Great idea, Liz! Your cards are beautiful. It is so true that we often don’t see that scripture taped to the mirror while we’re brushing our teeth! But the line at the grocery checkout is empty filler time!

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