You Are Sought After

Have you ever been, pursued, looked for, sought after?
I met my now husband in 2001 in Korea where we were both staff officers assigned to the same unit. We didn’t date there, but when he left there a month before I did in April 2002, we knew we wanted to keep in touch.
We were fortunate enough to be slated for the same Army school starting in June and traded a few e-mails in the months in between. I had just signed in to our unit at Fort Lee, Virginia and was leaving post when I spotted his truck coming through the gate. I did a quick u-turn and went back on to post. I tracked him down and followed him all over FT Lee, flashing my lights, waving and honking my horn. If he saw me either he didn’t recognize me or he thought I was plum crazy. We ended up in the parking lot of the school house before he slowed down enough for me to pull up beside him.
I was so excited to see him, I flung open my door, jumped out of the car, ran around to the driver’s side of his truck and was hoping for this great big hug.
But all he did is manually (yes, I’m dating us a bit) roll down the window about 2 ½ inches and say, “Hey.” Rather tentatively, at that.

What a letdown.

I was filled with sadness, thinking perhaps I had misjudged his emotions. He didn’t even ask for my phone number.
Clearly things turned out alright in the end, but I was still disappointed by our initial reunion. I chased this man all over FT Lee like a mad woman. I sought him out and found him much less excited to see me than I was him. 

I wonder if maybe that’s a little like how God feels about seeking us?

The Bible is full of stories that tell us how He has sought out His people through the ages and how we have rejected Him. God sent Isaiah to prophecy to His people, to try to get their attention and tell them about what would happen if they didn’t change their sinful ways. Their city and their temple would be destroyed and they would be removed from the promised land. Foreigners would mock them asking, “Where is your God now?” and “Why can’t your mighty God save you from this?”

It was going to appear as though God had completely forsaken the Israelites, but Isaiah also a message of hope.

Despite all this destruction and devastation, God would still be with them, a remnant (this is one of my favorite Bible words) would survive and return to Zion, that the temple would be rebuilt and His people would be redeemed in such a way that the Gentiles would “call them The Holy People, the Redeemed of the Lord” and they would “be called Sought After, A City Not Forsaken” Isaiah 62:12.
God doesn’t tolerate sin, but He loves us so much that He provides a way for us to be clothed in righteousness. We now know that God never stops loving His disobedient people, and that His plan all along was for Jesus to be our redeemer. That Jesus would be the reason His people are called “Sought After.” God sought after each one of His people like a shepherd who lost a sheep or a woman who misplaced a coin (Luke 15:1-10).
He still seeks us today.

You are sought after.

You are sought after.
Imagine Jesus following you around town today, trying to get your attention, hoping for a joyous reunion with His child. He may not be driving a forest green Saturn, flashing His lights and honking His horn, but He does give us signals that are intended to get our attention and draw us into His presence, closer to Him. Don’t be oblivious, rather look for Him in every situation you encounter. His desire is to spend some time with us, for us to get to know Him better, share Himself, His peace and His wisdom with us.
Won’t you let Him catch you today? Will you react like my husband did, with skepticism and maybe a little embarrassment?  Or would you fling open your door and run into His open arms?
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  1. Cute story! Don’t think I ever heard it. Glad things turned out the way they did:0)…”you are my sunshine!”

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