The Jesus I See in You

I was seated in a hard chair against the wall in the waiting area during my sons’ music lessons when the text from my husband came.

I couldn’t stifle the gasp when I read it was time to euthanize our faithful family dog.

A sweet woman moved purposefully over to my side when she noticed my distress. Without hesitation, she bowed next to me with an arm around my shoulders and began to pray with me. I felt compelled to explain that Hannah was a dog not a person, but she persisted in petitioning our Lord for His comfort to surround my whole family in this time of suffering.

She spent much of the next hour chatting with me and looking at pictures of the dog I had adopted 15 years ago when I was first stationed at FT Hood. This sweet fur-baby knew me before my husband, was there when he proposed, helped us welcome home our children, and traveled around the world with us.

My dear husband brought her home from the veterinarian’s office Friday evening so we could say our final farewells and spoil her with some bacon. Then, he and I returned with her early Saturday morning to be there as they ended the pain and misery caused by cancer that had invaded her body.

On Memorial Day, I really struggled with mourning a dog when so many great heroes of this nation were being honored for their ultimate sacrifices. We told only our family and a few close friends about her death over the weekend, but I waited until Tuesday to make a more public announcement.

That is when I saw the Jesus in all of you.

The encouraging words streaming in through texts, phone calls, and facebook comments have eased my pain. Friends told funny Hannah stories they remember from when we were once stationed together. Fellow dog owners validated the pain I feel and the family member status of my girl. Many offered sympathy for my loss. Those who have also lost beloved pets extended empathy for my grief.

Your compassion for me in my sorrow is proof that God cares about us when we hurt.

As we are moved by the Holy Spirit to love and care for each other we become the hands and feet of Jesus working out God’s purposes here on earth.

As we are moved by the Holy Spirit to

Jesus had compassion on so many during His earthly ministry: the weary multitudes without anyone to lead them in the truth (Matthew 9:36), the sick He healed (Matthew 14:14), the hungry He fed (Matthew 15:32), the blind men whose sight He restored (Matthew 21:34), the man with leprosy (Mark 1:41), the grieving widow whose only son had died too soon (Luke 7:13). “He groaned in the spirit and was troubled” at the sight of Martha and Mary mourning the death of Lazarus (John 11:28-37).

Jesus’ compassion for people preceded the majority of His miracles.

When we are moved with compassion as Jesus was we can be a part of healing the sick, feeding the hungry, comforting the hurting and teaching the lost. It may not look quite like the miracle it did in Jesus’ day, but I’m sure it feels the same to those who are on the receiving end of the Jesus in you.

To the patient who is healed by an experimental treatment your donations funded.

To the Mom who can feed her children because you dropped off canned goods at the food bank.

To the hurting person who feels a little less alone knowing you understand their pain.

To the person who’s salvation is secured because you shared Jesus with them.

To whom can you show a little bit of the Jesus in you today?


Dear Heavenly Father, I thank You that You are a God of compassion, for the example Your Son gave us and for the people around me who have shown me the Jesus in them this week. I pray that You would guide me to boldly show others compassion the way Jesus did. In His Holy Name, Amen!


“I will show compassion to others because my Savior first showed compassion to me.”
1 John 4:19

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7 thoughts on “The Jesus I See in You

  1. It is truly sad when a family loses a beloved pet. We had to put down our sweet pug, Penelope a couple years ago after spending 12 years with her. She acted more like a human than a dog. It was such a tough decision and the kids still miss her. But the memories are so cherished, still! I pray for peace and comfort for you and your family! Thank you for sharing your heart.

  2. amen. Sorry for the loss of your four legged friend. That stinks. What beauty God surrounds us with, even in the smaller life matters. When others notice our hurt, be they grand or small, it is of great comfort. #livefree

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