The Way We Wonder

The Way We Wonder

The way we wonder matters. It determines if we wander astray or are led in the narrow way.


Wondering This Side of Heaven

The Way We Wonder

As I’ve considered what it might mean for 2019 to be a year filled with wonder, I’ve honed in on four main ways we wonder…

     *Asking questions

     *Studying miracles

     *Pondering ideas

     *Being filled with awe and reverence

That forth use of WONDER is what I hope to achieve with all my wondering. So it seems wondering is both the method and the goal.

The Way We Wonder

I believe on this side of heaven we will always wonder. The depth of God’s wisdom is so far beyond what we can comprehend that we will always have questions. Further, the very definition of faith alludes to the fact that we believe without having seen for our selves. But I’ve also been convicted by the idea that wondering can potentially be a bad thing. So there must be a right and a wrong way to wonder. If we wonder the wrong way, we’ll likely be led astray.  So this week we are discussing the ground rules I eluded to in last week’s introduction of WONDER.

I feel like we can wonder “What the h-e-double hockey sticks is going on?” OR we can “Wonder what God is up to?” Do you see the difference? The way we wonder matters. And so does where we look for answers.

We can wonder with faith or we can wonder with doubt. Where we look when we wonder makes all the difference. One little letter distinguishes between the right and wrong ways of wondering. One little “L.”

The Way We WonderWondering for the World or the Word

When we find ourselves wondering and we look to the world for answers, we often find ourselves swinging between pride and confusion, filled with worry or anxiety. We slip into despair or depression and distance ourselves from God and His people. Our doubt increases and we disdain the things of God. Without answers that satisfy our souls, we become dismayed. And perhaps even scarier when we do find answers in the world we can easily become indifferent to the things of God.

But when our wondering takes us to the Word, we develop a proper fear of the Lord which leads to wisdom (Proverbs 9:10). God becomes bigger and we become smaller, more humble (John 3:30-31). Yet we also recognize how much we are worth to the Creator and what He gave up to have a relationship with us (John 3:16). We see that He is love and He has called us to love (1 John 4:19-21)which leads us deeper into connection with the community He created for us (Hebrews 10:24-25). We cannot help but revere and worship Him for all He has done (Romans 12:1-2). We desire obedience evermore (1 Samuel 15:22) as we learn to believe and trust that He is working for our eternal good (Romans 8:28-31). We discover hope (Romans 15:13) and the joy of His salvation (Psalm51:12).

Click here to download this printable guide for wondering the right way! 10-Verses-to-help-you-WONDER-the-right-way...-1.pdf (160 downloads)

Last week I said not all who wonder are lost. But it matters where we look when we wonder. When we look to the world to satisfy our wonderings, we’ll be led astray, but when our wondering takes us to the Word we’ll be led along the narrow way.

Wondering the right way diminishes doubt and fortifies faith.

Wondering the right way will never lead you astray!

This is my desire for us this year. That we would wonder the right way, and increase our awe and reverence for the Lord. As we look to Him in wonder we might reflect His glory as we become the masterpieces He created us to be!

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The Way We Wonder

17 thoughts on “The Way We Wonder

  1. You make a great distinction here, between wondering that leads to dissatisfaction with our Christian walk, and wondering that leads us back to Him for our strength and meaning. I like what you said here: “When we look to the world to satisfy our wonderings, we’ll be led astray, but when our wondering takes us to the Word we’ll be led along the narrow way.” So powerful!

  2. The Hebrew word kavanah means to live in a constant state of Wonder or awe of God’s continuous presence. It was my word of the year last year.

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