The Wonder of God’s Word

The wonder of God’s Word never ceases to amaze me. Though I’m hesitant to admit, I once considered it archaic and assumed it couldn’t possibly have any bearing on my life today, through the years God has shifted my perspective to see it as a gift I have come to treasure more and more. 


A Work of Wonder Based on Fact Alone

The Word of God is a wonder in and of itself. 66 books written by roughly 40 authors over a period of more than 1,600 years. Originally written in Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek, the Bible has now been translated into over 1,200 languages so that all men (and women) might be able to read it. (1) Scientists, historians, and theologians alike have corroborated the details time and time again. It contains multiple genres of writing: narrative, poetry, wisdom, prophecy, gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John differ from the other genres by proclaiming the Good News, Epistles (which is just a fancy word for a letter written to someone), and Apocalyptic (think Revelation though you can find it in parts of Daniel, Matthew, and 2 Thessalonians). (2)

It is quite possibly, simultaneously the most trusted and the most contested books of all time.

But there is more.

God’s Word:

          is God-breathed (2 Timothy 3:16-17)

          is living and active (Hebrews 4:12)

          lights my way (Psalm 119:105)

          is eternal (Psalm 119:9, Matthew 24:35)

          became flesh (John 1:14)

          sustains all things (Hebrews 1:3)

          is faith producing (Romans 10:17)

          is right and true (Psalm 33:4)

          gives understanding (Psalm 119:130)

          is perfect (Psalm 18:30)

          provides assurance of our hope (Psalm 119:114)

          accomplishes God’s purpose (Isaiah 55:11)

          refreshes the soul (Psalm 19:7)

          gives wisdom (Proverbs 4:5)

          cleanses us (John 15:3)

Reading God's Word Cheating SelfWhy Reading God’s Word is Not Enough

My adult Sunday School class is reading a hard-hitting book called Has American Christianity Failed? by Bryan Wolfmeuller. The following passage really made me think this week:

     “…it is important to remember that nowhere in the Bible are we actually commanded to read the Bible. Instead, the Lord commands us to treasure His Word, meditate on His Word, and delight in His Word.” (3)

Simply reading the Scriptures misses the point. Just reading the Word diminishes its wonder. Reading the Bible is not enough. We have so much more to gain by approaching the Word in the ways God outlines for us. As a writer, this is an interesting distinction for me. In both When Marriage Gets Messy and the Marriage Maintenance workbooks, I begin with some instructions about how to approach what I’ve written. As the author, I believe I know how you can get the most out of the texts. God knows best how we ought to approach His Word, too.

The wonder of God’s Word is that He invites us to treasure, meditate, and delight in it. His Word is a gift to us containing timeless promises through which we receive the gift of faith. If we’re simply reading it because we think we ought to, we’re cheating ourselves.

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The Most WONDERful Aspect of God’s Word

For me, the living and active aspect of God’s Word is what never ceases to amaze me. I’ve had several conversations with friends very recently about how the Holy Spirit deepens our understanding of Scripture every time we open the Book. The Bible is the ONLY book I have any interest in reading more than once. And every time I read it, I find something new and fresh. My faith is fortified, my purpose becomes more purposeful, my identity becomes more clear, His promises hold more promise, His grace grows and His mercy is magnified.

Every time God opens my eyes to how interconnected every part of Scripture is, my heart is filled with the wonder of it all, just like that little kid looking at Christmas lights.

What do you think is most WONDERful about God’s Word?

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

John 1:1

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(3) Has American Christianity Failed? by Bryan Wolfmeuller, Concordia Publishing House, 2016, page 186

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7 thoughts on “The Wonder of God’s Word

  1. So good, Liz! Bryan’s book sounds amazing and so needed. Like so many other things we create boxes to check off in our life, God’s Word shouldn’t be one of them. Seeking God relentlessly through His Word will radically transform us…and the enemy knows it. That’s much of the reason why Christianity has failed. We let the enemy (through life’s busyness and complacency) keep us from the living and active part of the Bible.

    I love God’s Word and am intentional to pray I will not let anything rob me of that love and really digging in past mere reading.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow! These are great nuggets of truth! I’m going to call it my TMD 🙂 Lately, I find myself meditating on His word reading it to myself and allowing it to soak into my heart and spirit. Anybody can read the word, but it is when we delight in His word that gives God the greatest glory! Love it!

  3. My word for 2019 is Treasure. I love studying scripture, learning new insights, truths… Each day I am on the look out, whether from the Word, a blog post, or a spiritual conversation, for The verse to write down in my Treasure Journal. I am finding this openness to receiving helpful in the remembering.

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