Top 10 Ways You Know It Has Been a Long Deployment

About two weeks ago, a somewhat comical event occurred and the first thought that crossed my mind was, “Wow!  Now I know this has been a long deployment!”  After that, I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I decided to compile a list.  Some are downright funny, a few are little sad, at least a couple are complete exaggerations, but all are based on a least a kernel of truth.  So, here they are, the top 10 ways you know it has been a long deployment:

10.  Slipping into something a little more comfortable means yoga pants and a tank.

9.  The cologne your husband left behind is starting to run low because everybody wants “Daddy Spray” on their pillow.

8.  Having trouble remembering how to plan a meal that doesn’t include chicken nuggets, fish sticks, Cheerios or mac-n-cheese.

7.  Running the Spartan Military Obstacle Race with your battle buddy seems like a fun way to symbolize conquering the struggles of a deployment together.

6.  The marker you are using to cross off weeks starts to run out of ink.

5.  The kids begin referring to Girls Night Out as date night.

4.  You ask your battle buddy to chaperone a session with a personal trainer.

3.  Planning how you can fit your husband in the bed with the body pillow and heating pad.

2.  Your idea of an adult conversation is making a move in Words With Friends.

And the Number 1 way you know it has been a long deployment….  The corkscrew breaks!

I’d love to hear the ways you know it’s been a long deployment.  Please post them below for all of us to enjoy!

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