What is the Truth?

What is the Truth?

That’s a question I’ve been asking myself a lot lately.

It seems everywhere I look someone is sharing “the truth”. The problem is many of those “truths” are often discounted by the next one I read. And some of them seem too far fetched to be real. Far too many of these “truths” make me question my own perceptions of reality. Or question the reality people I know personally are living.

If I’m concerned about the health of my aging mother or my teenage son with borderline asthma, then I lack faith in God to protect my loved ones.

If I complain about the complexities of doing school at home, I’m insensitive to the hardship this has created for teachers.

When I say I’m pining for in-person contact with my friends and family, I don’t care about the at-risk population. Heaven forbid I admit to visiting a dear friend in her driveway.

If I favor a slow re-opening of the economy, then I don’t care about those whose livelihoods have been destroyed by the “stay at home order.”

And if I support the “stay at home order,” I’m a sheeple who doesn’t care about our constitutional rights. On the other hand, if I dare say I’m enjoying parts of this time, I’ve turned a blind eye to the plight of those with pre-existing anxiety or depression for whom this isolation is devastating.

But if I say I wish things could go back to normal soon, I obviously don’t care about the health-care workers putting their lives on the line daily.

If I’m not devastated by the inability to gather for in-person corporate worship or question when the right time to resume that activity is, then I’m disobeying God. But if I insist on gathering with fellow believers, then I don’t care about the vulnerable among us.

What if I’m a combat veteran for whom wearing a mask triggers a panic attack? But what if I’m at risk and terrified of those who refuse to mask up in public? And if I favor mask wearing in public, then I’m ignoring the data about their dangers to our health.

If I don’t speak out against our leadership, I don’t care about the rights of my fellow Americans. But if I do insist on holding them to a higher standard I lack compassion for their impossible position. But if I do speak up about an infringement of my rights, then I am clueless about the plight of minorities in our country.

If conspiracy theories that appear to mimic end-time scenarios don’t have me shaking in my boots, I’m ignoring a plausible and potentially biblical reality. But if I am too concerned about them, I’ve lost sight of God’s sovereignty.

And it doesn’t seem to matter if I favor statistics or science, either way, I’m an uneducated buffoon. But none of the experts in those fields can seem to agree on anything.

The Truth

A lightbulb went on recently when I watched a commercial that said, “In times of uncertainty, we turn to the most certain thing of all. Science.”

And I knew I couldn’t keep silent any longer.

Reality, perception, bias, pride, fear, education, desire, and personal experience all taint the versions of “truth” above. All too often the only requirement for rising above the noise is having a loud voice, deep pockets, or well-connected friends. The ones who push plausible agendas the hardest seem to have something to gain politically or personally.

My limited mind can only take so much of the back and forth. I think perhaps that’s been part of what has my brain in a fog over our present circumstances. I’m trying to make sense of the situation from every perspective, but everywhere I turn there are contradictions. These shifting sands overload my mind and burden my heart.

That’s why I need to focus on the Truth I can trust.

One that isn’t true today and false tomorrow.

A truth that is unshakable and unstoppable. No matter what the world, the media, the experts, or even the enemy tries to tell us.

A Truth that impacts my reality by giving me a heavenly perspective. That obliterates my pride and changes my desires. That replaces my fear with the courage that comes from trusting the presence of the One with the power to determine my eternal destiny. The Truth told by the One who sacrificed everything for my gain. A Truth that sets my mind, my heart, my body, and my soul free every fiery dart the enemy aims my way.

My Truth comes from the One who created science. And His Word provides Truth I trust to both save and sanctify me. His Truth applies to all people, everywhere, without exception. It is objective and eternal. This Truth changes the way I view everything.

The Truth that Changes Everything

The Bible is God’s truth revealed to His creation.

God is both Creator and Sovereign King of the universe. All humankind is equal before Him. 

But we have all sinned and fallen short of His standards. The penalty for that sin is death. 

But God, according to His love for us and His plan from before the beginning of time, sent His Son, Jesus, the second person of the Trinity to be born of a virgin, to walk this earth, both fully human and fully divine, in perfect accordance with the Father’s will. 

He sacrificed Himself, body and blood, for our sins to make a way for us all to escape God’s wrath and the punishment of our sins—eternal separation from God. And He was betrayed, beaten, crucified, and died. Then He was buried and descended into hell to defeat death and rose again on the third day in bodily form eating, drinking, and conversing with His followers. 

After 40 days, He ascended into heaven where He now sits at the right hand of God. He sent the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Triune God, to seal unto eternal salvation all who would receive God’s gifts of grace and faith and are baptized. 

The Truth

Jesus will return to judge the living and the dead and establish His eternal kingdom for all those who believe in Him.

Once this saving truth becomes our reality through the gift of faith, we begin to live in a new normal governed by God’s truth of sanctification.

It is not an easy Truth, though.

This truth does not exempt us from trials, temptations, tribulations, persecutions, famines, disease, or even bodily death. God’s truth promises peace in the midst of all this, not the absence of suffering, not the assurance of earthly prosperity. In fact, God allows our suffering, oftentimes more than we can bear on our own, to make us more like His Son. God desires the eternal salvation of all mankind more than our deliverance from temporal troubles. To this end, God allows adversity to attract our attention. 

So, do not allow Satan to twist God’s truth into a misleading lie based on your present circumstances.

Because the enemy of our souls will whisper in your ear…

If you prayed harder…

If God was really love…

This is all your fault…

You should be ashamed….

If you really believed…

Instead, trust that God has promised to be with us every step of the way, to give us His peace no matter what we face, that He has overcome every hardship this side of heaven, that He will make a way for us to escape sinning despite our suffering, that He will wipe away all our tears, that through His strength we can be content despite our circumstances, that what we see in this world is only temporary, that He will use all things for good, and that nothing can separate us from His love.

This Truth unites us as believers in Christ. It brings about spiritual maturity. And it gives us hope in the everlasting life Christ won for us. 

We must no longer settle for half-truths. As hard as it may be to handle, we need the whole truth. Or better yet, the holy truth.

We must no longer settle for half-truths. As hard as it may be to handle, we need the whole truth. Or better yet, the holy truth. #truth #thewholetruth #youcanthandlethetruth Click To Tweet

All this year, we are studying our IMPACT. Truth is an integral part of that! If you would like a copy of this Truth for yourself that includes biblical references for each point, click on the image to download this document.

What is The Truth?

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  1. “Truth”—from a secular view—seems to be situational and changes w/the flow of popular narrative about as often as the sun rises and sets. Thank the Lord for His steadfast truth.

  2. Thank you for bringing clarity and direction with your article! Here is my takeaway: “This Truth unites us as believers in Christ. It brings about spiritual maturity. And it gives us hope in the everlasting life Christ won for us.”

  3. I loved this, so relevant right now..we can only trust the holy truth which is unchangeable and unshakable

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