When the Holidays Get Messy

I don’t know about you, but holidays stress me out and when I’m stressed, the holidays get messy.

I know I’m supposed to be happy but there is so much cooking, cleaning, and decorating. Not to mention the money we spend or the attempts to enjoy equal time with both sides of the family. We all know they are futile and inevitably mean one of us is missing our blood relatives at any given celebration. There is often so much build up that when the day of celebration finally arrives, it’s hard to feel anything more than let down. The painful absence of a loved one or the presence of difficult family members can make our hearts feel too heavy to bear.

Do your holidays get messy, too?

I have the privilege of sharing over at Planting Roots this week. I wrote my post over there for military women, but the 5 tips I share for how to flourish when you don’t feel like celebrating are for EVERYONE.

So I hope you’ll join me over there and leave a comment about what stresses you out over the holidays! How to Flourish When You Don’t Feel Like Celebrating.

For more on combatting holiday stress, check out the series, Overcoming the Mess of Holiday Stress.

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