When Welcome Home is Just the Beginning

What’s better than a Welcome Home ceremony? Not much, right?

But what if I told you military families keep secrets about what happens after the color guard retires the colors and the commander of troops dismisses the formation?

The truth is, a Welcome Home Ceremony is just the beginning of the hard work needed to reintegrate the Soldier back into family life.

Welcome Home is Just the Beginning

In fact, this is precisely why I wrote Marriage Maintenance: Tune Up After Time Apart for Him and for Her. Because I was looking for some strategies to be intentional about reconnecting with my husband and making the most of that transition period. And I had a lot of friends looking for the same thing.

Over at Planting Roots all during the month of July, we’re talking about Transitions. I’m honored to be sharing 5 Ways to Flourish in Transitions After Deployment over there. Trust me, it’s worth reading even if you aren’t a military family facing the reintegration phase. The tips I share will help you hurdle any transition in your marriage!

Join me over at Planting Roots and I’d love to hear what you’ve learned about weathering transitions in life!

Do you Need Some Marriage Maintenance?

If you are looking for a healthy way to reintegrate your Soldier back into family life after a deployment, check out my workbooks. I filled them with guided discussion prompts, prayers, and cues to set family goals.

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When Welcome Home is Just the Beginning

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