When You Crave Connection but Hospitality Overwhelms

This week I have the great honor of sharing a story about what happens when hospitality overwhelms us and what to do about it over on my friend Sue Donaldson Moore’s great site, Welcome Heart.

I crave connection, but I don’t consider myself particularly gifted at hospitality. That’s because I often make hospitality too hard. But when hospitality overwhelms us we have choices. I learned a great deal from my older (and clearly wiser) neighbor, Mr. Bill. He taught me hospitality can happen with nothing more than two chairs and an open invitation.

When Hospitality Overwhelms us, it's usually because we've made it too hard.
When Hospitality Overwhelms us, it’s usually because we’ve made it too hard.

You can read all about it HERE.

When You Crave Connection But Hospitality Overwhelms

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