Why Parenting on God’s Page Should Be a Priority

With so much time spent apart, it can be hard for military families to find their parenting groove, that’s why parenting on God’s page must be a priority. I was am honored to be sharing some of my thoughts with the Planting Roots community this week!

Why Prioritize Parenting On God’s Page?

Most experts agree parents who are on the same page when it comes to discipline and training children in the way they should go are more successful. Parenting is hard enough (like running a daily marathon tough) when both parents live under the same roof. But parenting on the same page is even harder when you don’t live under the same roof for extended periods at a time.

Why Parenting on God's Page should be a priority for military families.
Me and Zachary

After I took off the uniform, we added a second son to the mix, and my husband deployed and traveled for work several more times since then. Reestablishing parenting routines only got more challenging as our children grew older. Late nights, frequent training exercises, temporary duty, and deployments make it hard for military families to parent on the same page. 

But God has been teaching us that His page is the most important one to be on for parenting. And when we intentionally adhere to these three principles for parenting on the same page we pass on eternally important values to our children, no matter the deployments, TDYs, or field training exercises. Believe it or not, none of them require us to reside under the same roof.

So what are the three principles of parenting on God’s page? Check out my post over on Planting Roots HERE.

Additional Resources

For more resources for military families following deployments, check out my pair of workbooks, Marriage Maintenance: Tune Up After Time Apart for Him and for Her

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Why Parenting on God's Page Should be a Priority for Military Families

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