Wisely Investing Our Worth

 As get ready to work our way through our Book Study on John Hambrick’s Move Toward The Mess (there’s still time to join!!), I want to talk about investing in the MESS.

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Invest is my word for 2017. I know the whole Word of the Year thing is SO January. Even though I knew it was the word last fall, I still wasn’t ready to write about it back then. But now, that we’ve discovered our eternal worth, I think we are ready to talk about how to wisely invest it in what matters.

What Does It Mean to Invest?

I hope you’ll indulge me for a moment while I put on my #WordNerd hat for just a moment. From a Google search the wordinvest’ has several meanings:

  1. a. expend money with the expectation of achieving a profit or material result by putting it into financial schemes, shares, or property, or by using it to develop a commercial venture. b. devote (one’s time, effort, or energy) to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a worthwhile result. c. buy (something whose usefulness will repay the cost.
  2. provide or endow someone or something with (a particular quality or attribute) b. endow someone with (a rank or office)
  3. clothe or cover with a garment.

My guess is most of you understand the monetary implications related to investing and have probably invested in your future. Perhaps you are saving for college, making payments toward owning your home, or creating wealth for retirement. My word came to me in the context of making a financial investment in my writing ministry, but I think you can guess that isn’t the kind of investment I’m talking about here. What I want to encourage us (because I also need to be prodded along this course) to make is an eternal one.

God Invested in Us First

Wisely Investing our worthWise investments show others their worth in Christ.

Being mired in a MESS makes it hard to see just how much we’re worth. But that is precisely where Christ came to us.

God the Father invested in us. He created the earth and all the creatures and all the vegetation and then He created man in His own image and gave us dominion over it all. Then, after the tragedy in the garden of Eden when Adam and Eve disobeyed His commands, He invested in them according to the third definition of the word. He literally created clothing to cover their bodies.

He does the same for us when we sin. He has created for us an everlasting covering in His Son’s blood. He clothes us in Christ’s righteousness.

Our Kingdom investments do not purchase righteousness or salvation for another, only Christ could pay off that debt. We may never see an earthly return on our heavenly investment, but we can rest in the expectation that God promises to provide all the reward we need.

The ability to show other’s their worth in Christ comes from first understanding that without Christ’s sacrifice we have no eternal value and second recognizing God doesn’t base other’s worth on their ability to remove themselves from the MESS.

Putting these two points in proper position prepares us to make a wise Kingdom investment by moving toward the MESS.

We invest in others because God invested in us.

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Worth Before Works

Once we’ve discovered our true, lasting, eternal worth, it’s time we figured out what to do with that wealth.

Unlike the secular connotations of wealth, we as Christians know we have something much more valuable to invest than dollars and cents. Treasure is only a portion of our prosperity. When invested wisely, our time, talents, and experiences can have an even greater impact on the kingdom of heaven than our money.

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I don’t think it is possible for us to really make a kingdom investment until we appreciate how valuable we are to the King. We must recognize the extent of our eternal worth before we can make impactful investments. People who feel impoverished rarely have the resources to make significant investments. We invest from our prosperity. Where do you feel the most wealthy? Time, talent, treasure, or experience?

Do you have time to give, a talent to share, treasure to spare, or experience to use to help other overcome their MESSES and become the MASTERPIECES God created the to be?

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Identifying our worth, helps us discover our works.

But the worth comes before the works.

Invest in Other’s MESSES

The kind of investment I’m talking about often requires us to move toward other people’s messes. (If you haven’t heard about the book study we’re doing over on Facebook, check out THIS POST for all the details. It’s not too late to join.)

Join us in a power-packed study of John Hambrick’s Move Toward The Mess. Order your copy now:

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8 thoughts on “Wisely Investing Our Worth

  1. Oh, it’s sometimes so hard to invest in others’ messes. 🙁 But this is true: “We invest in others because God invested in us.” Amen! Thanks for the encouragement, Liz.

  2. Thanks for this depth and pondering. And isn’t it just amazing that each of us has something of value to God that He desires us to invest in others for the good of His kingdom? Incredible truth!

    1. Yes, Michele!!! We are created for a specific purpose to be accomplished in the unique way God designed us! Finding and fulfilling that God-glorifying call is life altering!

  3. My topics over at my blog Hope in Life’s Storms has been all about God’s idea of our worth/versus what we imagine our worth to be so small. This adds another layer, another reason why we should accept the value God finds in us and -rejoice in it! Thank you so much!

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